Our Future

My vision for my life right now is that I’d like to establish my own girls’ leadership academy; where young girls from grade 7 to first year in university will be mentored and taught on how to be a yo

Breaking barriers!

I would have to say that amonst all other challenges,the biggest challrnge I face in my community that hampers me in effecting positive change is the mindset of the people/society.They have a fixed wa

Against all odds!

I am a young woman,who could soon be a mother and a wife and in order for me to accomplish a clean slate of womanhood I need a network as powerful as Voices of Our Future.This very same network provid

Cyber women

Web 2.0 will finally give women the platform needed to have their voices heard by the world from corner to corner.In this way a woman can say whatever she wants without being intimidated by anyone,and