I need to understand one thing,why do people and the media like picking on Catholics-what is it with them that people can't understand?

Being Catholic is simply staright and foeward-you go to church every Sunday just like any other church and there at times where we celebrate feasts and have Mass for that too.But basically there's absolutely nothing wrong with Catholics and being Catholic,and we are proud of being Catholic.

-We believe in the Holy Trinity;God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. -We believe in the Immaculate conception of Mary. -We believe in the dying of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins on Calvary. -We believe in the Ressurection of Jesus Christ on the third day (Easter Sunday). -We believe that Mary is the mother of Jesus and that God is His father.

As for life in the religious view,we have priest who are men who are ordained into the Catholic priesthood and women who are ordained to be nuns.Both of these orders require you to be unmarried with no kids,and in you life as a nun or priest you will no be allowed to marry/get married,have kids or have anything that belongs solely to you.You will take vows of chastity/celibacy,poverty and obedience when you are finally acepted in your chosen order.

On the case celibacy,you are expected to immediately abstain from all sexual activities once you are called into religious life;not to say that you have to join religious life only if you are a virgin,no-just be unmarried with no kids.

This is the base of our religion,but there is a lot that is rooted from all of this.

So,here goes-if you have a question about something relating to Catholics or their religion or you have a comment,query or anything,please feel free to ask me anything,even if you might goosebumps by just thinking about the question.

Praise be to Jesus Christ.

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Thank you for bringing up the topic of Catholicism and inviting members to speak with you regarding your religion. I believe this is only way to bring peace and understanding to the world - to have open dialogue and rather than making assumptions about someone or about a religion - but to communicate and develop understanding on a person-to-person level.

In friendship, Jade

It's only a pleasure!

I think it is only befitting to stand up for what you believe in,and in this case I believe in my Catholicisim faith,and whatever quetsion comes I try my best to answer it as informative as possible to clear the cloud of assunptions that clouds the thinking and opinion of people when it comes to Catholics and their faith.

There have been so many things which have been done to the catholic church. When movies are made and there is a bit of religion it always bores down to Catholic. Why? I really dont know. You have done a great job in terms of writing about it. Not so many people will stand up to speak and defend the church.

Good luck

"a song in your heart puts a smile on your face"'

Hello, Laurika. As a cradle Roman catholic, I had many valid reasons for wanting to defect from the Roman catholic religion. I have successfully done so, while remaining Catholic (Universal) in my beliefs.

If you would like to discuss my reasons for leaving the religion of my ancestors, I will be happy to communicate with you.

From New Orleans, Louisiana, USA