The life of a woman is a very challenging yet very interesting and important in the society. When you see at the roles that a woman plays in a typical African traditional and modern societies you realize that without a woman life would have been very difficult in any home and society at large. Having been born and raised in a rural set up in northern Kenya, I realize that a woman is an important person in the society. I put myself in the shoes of women who have stood in the strongest way to make the voices of the women to be hard louder. My vision as a young woman is to lead the way for change. I want to be counted among the few women in Kenya and across the world who have led the way to make women voices to be heard. Though I hail from a very marginalized disadvantaged pastoral community in northern Kenya, I believe that I can make things change for the better so that the voices of women can be heard and that women can be empowered in the society for the betterment of the now and even future generations. I want to teach, inform and educate the women from my village, constituency, country and the world how to speak for themselves. I want to reach the rich and poor women not only in the dry plains of Chalbi desert but also in the valleys of Minnesota in the USA through the voice of change. I believe that it is possible for me as a woman to be the pioneer for change for the voices of women in the world.

I believe that through being a correspondent I can be empowered with skills and knowledge to be the voice of women across the globe. As a correspondent, I can get stories from the village that I hail from and share it out with other like-minded people so as to help make the voice of women to be heard so that the problems that face a woman in the society can be solved. I will use the opportunity as a correspondent to reach to the world with stories to tell the world about the plight of women. I will use the opportunity of being a correspondent to highlight stories and features so that a woman’s problems in the society can be given attention. I believe that I can only get the opportunity of being the voice of the women in the society if and only if the world pulse can give me this precious opportunity of being a correspondent. It is my sincere believe that the world pulse will guide me through the process of being an advocate for the women in the society and indeed the voice of the voiceless. It is my believe that being a correspondent will not only empower me as an individual with skills in being an efficient communicator for the issues that pertains the women but it will also go along way in shaping me as an agent of change in the society but a great reformer for a better society. It is thus my humble request and prayer that the selection panel will consider my application to be one of the thirty finalist correspondents will get an opportunity of being the voices of our future applicants correspondents. As the curtains fall on the last week of our future applicants application process, I have to register my appreciation to the entire world pulse crew for this wonderful opportunity for the training and even the wonderful people that I have interacted in this journey, God bless you all and continue to be the voices of the women in the society.

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Dear comrades, i just felt like appreciating all of you for the ideas and time shared during all this time. i hope that we will continue to keep in touch so as to be the voices of the women in the society, Kind regards, leah cheruto kapenguria, kenya.

Dear Leah,

Thank you so much for writing your last post so beautifully and honestly. I hope, no matter what happens, you will know that you are already - by taking part in this World Pulse process - a change agent for women all over the world! I live in Chicago, IL and I have already been moved and changed because of your stories and communication. This is powerful. No matter what happens, I hope you will continue to write and communicate your stories - without them, the world would not grow and neither will women.

Good luck, Leah. I wish you peace, love and a life filled with joy!


Molly Rudberg-Leshnock Curator of Leadership Brand Storyteller


You write with a clarity of the present and at the same time give words to a vision of your future. You have begun telling the stories and begun your connection to women and their stories all over. I hope that you will continue to write, share stories and connect with others no matter what. ...And I hope that your dreams will manifest and you will get the guidance that you desire.


thank you all for those wonderful comments. i appreciate the fact that we are already doing what we are supposed to- to be the voice of women. Thank you and i hope we will continue to speak for the women. Regards, leah cheruto.