I have recommended some feminist friendly movies and books, and now I want to recommend a feminst friendly tv show. Bones is a tv show about forensice anthropologist Temperance Brennan and her work with the F.B.I. solving murder cases. There are many characters in the show that appeal to everyone. Every character is rich and well developed, especially the women. The women in the show are smart. capable, independent, have realistic and healthy sex lives (they are nto depicted as virgins or sluts) and they have fair and equal partnerships with the men they work with. Bones' boss is a female, and there is not any of the petty "girl fights" depicted in the show. The dialogue is sharp and witty, and the show itself explores many issues such as sexism, racism, classism, intellectual and wealth privilege, and how our society can be so forgiving and so cruel to some. It also has a lot fo science and hsitory talk for all you nerds out there waves and a decent amount of action sequences. It is also a good crime solving show for those of us who just love cops shows.

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