About Me: I am a passionate being.

My Passions: Politics, Rights, being a voice

My Challenges: None

My Vision for the Future: I ant to see a free Zimbabwe, a world free from opression of the mind and of the individual

My Areas of Expertise: Motivation, Writting, Research and Law

Well, the morality of the story is that many leaders in power think that their subjects are blind to their excesses in urinating on people’s rights. They think we are castrated till we rise up and unmask their hypocrisy or demand for justice…. Dambudzo Marechera, In a Letter to His girlfriend, Samantha

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Lee- Welcome to World Pulse, and thank you for introducing yourself here. You seem a passionate individual, and one who will not stop until there is change. There are many here who share your passion, and you will find connection here with others.

Again, welcome!

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Welcome to World Pulse, Lee.Your visions are one step closer to achievement when you network in such a strong group of empowered people. You are only one person, but you are smart enough to know that our power is exponential when combined with other powerful people.

You are now a part of a thriving grassroots network of women leaders and supporters from more than 190 countries. See the Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community: http://worldpulse.com/pulsewire/about/guide

I look forward to hearing more of your voice in WorldPulse.

Continue to be a blessing. Yvette


Thank you very much Yvette! Let me do so right now

I am for truth no matter who tells it. I am for Justice no matter who it is for or against.I say I.