Diary excerpt number1.

Dear diary today I became a prostitute, I dressed like one,walked like one,ate like one,danced like one.I lived the reality of the life of the prostitute and have since resloved never again to judge anybody until I know what their story is. You cannot possibly imagine what it is like to use the last dollar you have to buy beer so you can loosen up and dance for a male unappreciative audince and a female jealous one.Or what it is like to be groped at by somebody who then decides your breasts sag and therefore you are not worth their while. It is even worse when you have to prance around in a flimsy dress that barely covers your assets on a cold night like today, being groped at by somebody the same age as the grandchild you are taking care of at home. But I guess the worst of it all is not having bargaining power,short time is five dollars-what?!and longtime ten to twenty dollars negotiable- downwards.And no you cannot use a condom.

I was the grandma bleaching her skin orange just so she can look preety for the young man about town who appreciates and partakes of her sexual expertise and experience. He will pay for her services; may be a dollar or two. The dollar she will buy vegetables for her orphaned grandchildren, the two she will buy alcohol to deaden the pain and bury the shame; the kind that ressurrects.

Why would anybody subject themself to all this unless they absolutely had to?I dont want to hear anybody say anything bad about prostitutes ever again.

Each man for himself and God for us all.

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Dear Mwaita,

After reading your story I feel empathy towards all the anonymous ones who are fighting a great battle. I agree with you that no one has right to judge anyone. Its the intention that matters. You are a one strong girl don't lose hope. I wish i could do something for those women in distress the least I can do is to pray that may God bring happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Thank you Javeria Qamar. I really appreciate your taking time to read the story. It is one that is very close to my heart

I am for truth no matter who tells it. I am for Justice no matter who it is for or against.I say I.