I don't wanna be like them-Diary Excerpt number 2

Lilian Chirambadare
Posted August 5, 2014 from Zimbabwe

Diary Excerpt number 2

Yesterday I met with somebody who inspired me, her name is Lynette. You see she is a journalist and there was this launch of the SADC gender protocol barometre and because she wants to report on Women, she attended. The programme was set to start at 830, I arrived at 845, I mean duh, these sorts of things never start on time anyway.... and I was right the programme only started at around 930. So there I am, in all of my righteous indignation,mourning about how these sorts of events never start on time. And Lynette says to me, you know, I got here at 8 am sharp because I dont wanna be like them. I dont wanna be like them. What a powerful statement! So simple and yet so profound, encapsulated in it power and control over one's actions, never mind what others say or do. I will not retaliate, I will not hate, I will not pay a bribe, I will not gossip back, I will not be late....... I do not want to be like them. Its the small things that ordinary citizens chose to do on a conscious level that have the biggest ripple effect. Lynette may never know this,but her little stone shook my waters.

So help me God, I wanna be just like her.

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