The 31st of July in History

On this day last year gwendo gwangu gwegweru gwakagugwa negugwe. my Journey to the light was cut short

This day is engraved in the stone of my memory. On this day last year I was euphoric with the fever of excitement of going to vote for a new dispensation. I was certain victory would come riding in the wake of the stroke of my pen. I should have known better. In African democracies, the pen’s might over the sword is just but a myth. After all the ideal originated somewhere in the idealist West donkey years before Africa transitioned from sticking spears up each other’s future to a diluted version of the same.

I was there in freedom square signing the tickets to Zanupfnevercomebackdom. And when the results started trickling in I became sober as it became clear that once again, though understandably sceptical of the results, we had reaffirmed our allegiance to the ruling party Zanu Pf ( Long Live the President, Allah be with us all) and have remained sober ever since, which is why delta takings have increased by a certain percentage. A certain newspaper told me.

And while for many it was the genesis of the exodus into the dark abyss of despair, Zimbabweans, who are an industrious lot, like the protagonist in a popular novel at the appropriate and predictable point in a band of narrative quickly went about their business, which included occasionally nudging scars into each other’s backsides and whispering “nhai akavhotera Zanu ndiani?” Who voted for Zanu PF While Zanu PF like the non-descript lover who convinces himself that he is smarter, sexier and better looking now than he was the same guy without half a million bucks went about business as usual.

Every day I inventory my surroundings and find people who soldier on. Our equanimity to languishing in an almost unlimited supply of despair working many jobs in the hope of eking out a hardscrabble existence, straining, literally, to put bread on the table is nothing short of amazing. why my people do not rise and fight beats me. they are in power because we give them this power and its ours to take when they abuse it.

And one year later our hope lies in the black beauty Zim-Asset, whose beauty I am told but am yet to behold.

** Delta is the biggest beverage maker in my Country ** ZANU PF is the ruling party, since independence in 1980 **Zim Asset is the Economic blueprint by which the government seeks to revive the economy. O

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