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Indigenous Women: Changemakers!

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Implementing the “Indigenous Women: Changemakers!” Project and achieving access to alternative education and skills training for indigenous women. We will enhance the leadership capacity and sense of identity for indigenous women and create awareness among the general public about indigenous peoples and issues. We will build the capacity of indigenous women in social enterprise and establish functional social enterprise activities implemented by indigenous women. We will enhance management skills of Hagiyo leaders to meet the needs of the organization and build partners and network with other organizations. We will ensure indigenous women are educated, empowered and are raising their voices to be heard not only in their community but globally.

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Indigenous peoples, particularly women, helping in creating opportunities for them to be empowered and become changemakers.
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Support Project Pag-ibig (Love) #4indigenouskids

WHAT IS PROJECT PAG-IBIG (LOVE)? Project Pag-ibig (Love) is a back to school gift-giving activity for nearly 300 indigenous children in Ifugao province in the Philippines. We are raising funds to cover workshop expenses of the indigenous youth cultural performers, for transportation and other miscellaneous expenses before and during the event. Do something to make the event possible and be a changemaker in your own way.   

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