I am so glad to be a co-moderator of this group! Sharing thoughts and experiences with girls will be very exciting.PulseWire has encouraged me to do a lot and therefore I hope to work with PulseWire forever.I would be very glad to improve the lives of others.

I want to be a great woman who people appreciate her deeds.I dream of opening a world wide show for women and girls like Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey and most important PulseWire.I would like to open a girls boarding school freely for all the needy girls.

I want to achieve my goals by building up a school with computer studies ,music lessons and even dancing for those who are talented.Will I make it? that is the question that has been passing through my mind.But I know with PulseWire's support I will make it.

If you see girls out here,you would burst out crying.Some women or girls are raped and then after birth somebody comes and kidnaps the baby.I think that you should visit Africa and see the beauty that is being misused. Building up a school would absolutely improve our economy and of course PulseWire will be more appreciated.Girls,let us talk about ourselves and what makes us happy,and about our problems and how we can solve them Even though the world is so big,we can share together here.

Thank you and i love you all.


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Thank you for the siku ya kuzaliwa email.I wish you the best too and thank you for the easter card that you sent to our family.



I would love to help you build your school in Africa. Please let me know how I can help. Do you have some land in mind where you can build the school? Do you know how much the cost will be? It can be our pulswire school or something. Please let me know. Thanks.

Regards, Saba

Thank you Saba for your interest in helping me to build my school.I have already identified a piece of land,which is 6 acres.An acre of land costs about 75 000 Kenya shillings,and a dollar is 75 shillings.This will total to about 450 000 Kenya shillings which is 6 000 dollars.That is the first phase of my plan.This big piesce of land will be able to hold the following buildings.They will be considered in 2 phases.

2nd Phase:

Administration Block 2 647 200

8 classrooms 4 620 000

Dining hall,Kitchen and store 1 107 600

Dormitories 2 647 200

TOTAL 11 022 000Kenya Shillings 146 960 US Dolllars

3rd Phase

2 Laboratories 2 065 200

Swimming pool 1 560 000

Dispensary (clinic) 577 500 Library 577 500

TOTAL 4 780 200 Kenya Shillings 63 736 US Dollars

Architectural drawing 65 000 shillings 867 dollars

This is not only a school.It is also a home,a living center that has all the facilities that can make a child comfortable in both home life and education.Where there is a will there is a way.I am hopeful that my dream project will come up to help needy children now and in many years to come in future.

Love, Leila.

Leila, I would love to hear about your plans too. Please post them here and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I eagerly wait to read your plans. With best wishes, Janice

I have posted the plans of my dream project above.Please help me to identify donors who can help me in this project and als other means that i can use to raise funds and make this dream come true.It will change the lives of thousands of children.



Hello there,

I am new to this community but I read this and was very inspired. I recently got back from a trip to Senegal , West Africa and noticed this beauty that you speak of and I hope to return to Africa and visit other parts.

I wish you the best of luck with this project you want to implement and I would love to follow your story and see where it goes !



Renae Marie

Thank you for your encouragement.I hope all my plans will be successful in future.I am happy that you enjoyed the beauty of Africa.You are welcome to visit Kenya when you travel back here i am sure you will enjoy it.

Thank you.



Oh, your dreams will do such great. I want to cry out in joy for the fact that now the world's females can now stand up and speak for themselves. You will do many a great things. I can just see it. Perfection!

How rude of me! I have not yet introduced myself. I'm Courtney McPheron. An American resident. I read about WorldPulse through my Reader's Digest and, decided I wanted to make a difference. I've heard about what girls my age may go through around the world. And it hurts. I'm not even a victim and it hurts. Since I'm only thirteen there isn't much I can contribute. So I shall give you my full support!

Wishing you luck~!

Thank you for joining PulseWire.It is good to have young girls here so that we can speak on behalf of the others all over the world.

Thank you for offering all the support.Let us work together to make a difference,and let us know more about each other.

Best wishes,


hello dear, i am amaze with your plan...we the young girls needs to start innovating ideas to better improve on the status of a girls, yes! to some extend, i feel that girls are forgotten in the struggle and we won't wait until when we become women before advocating for a positive change.

i am happy to hear that you wish to open up a talkshow, what a great coincidence, i run one in Cameroon www.zoneziwohshow.com it will be a pleasure for many of us to share our ideas/thoughts/feelings through these means.

take care blessings.

Stay Blessed


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Is great i was just going through your website.I believe that through talkshows we can be able to share voices,and learn new ideas and also solve problems.

Please let us be friends and i would also love to learn from you how you started it all.I am sure you must have gone through plenty of hardships.

Love, Leila.

Leila! This is wonderful! I encourage you to post this, and a writeup about why you want to do this project in your personal journal and also in the group again, so that more people can see it and rally behind you.

xoxoxo Corine (PS, give your cat a hug from me all the way in Portland!)