My mum has been very important to me in all my life.i love her so much.she always advices me about what to do so that i can be successful in life.she says respect and good discipline will do everything for us in this world.

she is also very special to me because she can command the family even when she is away on safari.she has also taught my brothers to know that boys are not more special than girls.

She also does good things for the people,and everybody loves my mum.

I have the best mother in the world.i know that everybody's mother is the best and the most important for them.Let us all respect our mothers because they have a special wisdom.

by Leila Ludie.
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Your mum is so special. I love skyping with her late at night, knowing it is morning in Kenya. I picture her at the computer with a smile on her face. Except when the electricity goes out, of course!

World Pulse is so fortunate to have you and Leah in our lives. Your voices travel across the oceans and continents, to whisper sweetly in my ear, letting me know everything is possible.

Thank you for being you, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Thank you for loving my mum.I love Jonah too! we all love each other so we should use this love to make the world a very very nice place for everybody. I hope one day you will be able to visit us un Kenya so that i can take Jonah around to see all the good places. From, Leila Ludie Okeyo

I have 5 brothers.Three are bigger than me and the other 2 are younger.Jeff Owuor is the eldest,Tony Omondi is next,followed by Tom-Lepski Otieno.Nikko is my follower,and the youngest one is Bruce Makenzi.I am mama's only girl.

By Leila Ludie.