I have been waiting for midnight so that i can love myself as a big girl.I promise to take all the care that i can and to help other girls and AIDS Orphans.

If anybody has something to advise me about i will be very happy for it.i invite pulsewire members to celebrate with me.I will show you how to come to my party.

If anybody who loves me here on Pulsewire wants to come to my party please celebrate with me and contribute it to Sori Orphans education Project through the administrator of this program Jennifer Ruwart.

I am a big girl now so please help me to grow up more also in the orphans project.Anybody who helps the orphans project will be in my party by helping.

Also i wish to tell you that 60 dollars every month is enough to educate one AIDS orphan in secondary boarding school.

please help me and Jennifer Ruwart so that the orphans can have a good education.Dance with me on my birthday by educating the AIDS orphans!


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Hello, grown up! How was your birthday?

I am so inspired that you asked for support for orphans for your birthday that I am going to start a special "piggy bank" just for this cause and bring the money to your mum in Mexico City when we meet for the 2008 AIDS conference!

Is there a website for the Sori Orphans Education project? If not, will you share more information about the project with the PulseWire community?

Sending you a lot of love on your birthday! Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Thank you Jennifer for wishing me a happy birthday.

The AIDS Orphans project is called Karen Zwickert Childrens Education Project,(Sori).

There is no website for this project.I hope one day i will be able to have one.The collections go towards the education of the orphans.Also if somebody wishes to sponsor a child directly they can do so.

It costs about 60 dollars every month to educate a child.If anybody comes up to sponsor a child they will change the lives of the children,since if they grow without education they will not be able to meet the standards of education that are needed in the modern world.

I will be greatful for any help that will be given to these children.I have a list of children who will sit for their exams this year if anybody has a heart to sponsor one child.

Thank you everybody.Greetings from Kenya and Leila.

Dear Leila -

The entire world is so lucky you were born! With your strong and proud voice, I know you will live all your dreams!!! Your community will grow strong with you as such a powerful leader.

Happy Birthday

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

I hope one day the community will be able to benefit from what i do.That will be my happiness.And thank you for the Power Girls Funds.This week we are going camping and i will be able to have my own tent.I am a Kenya Girl Scout.

I am writing to you more today to tell you about everything and to say thank you.Thank you for supporting me.

Love from Africa,Leila.

PowerGirl Leila -

One our main goals at the PowerGirls Network is to enhance the Global Sisterhood and we thank you for sharing your story and being a part of our effort. I am glad that we were able to support you and many of your PowerGirls "sisters" are anxious to learn how they can do more, after reading about you in the latest issue of PowerGirls Magazine. You are an inspiration to me and I know you will inspire your sisters around the world.

I hope your camping trip went well and I invite you and your Kenya Girl Scout troop to join the PG Network at powergirlsmag.com.

Thank you for boosting the "power" of the PG network and Happy, Happy Belated Bithday!

Bea Perdue PowerGirls Network

Thank you for the PowerGirls gift that you gave me.It was the biggest amount of money i have ever recieved.I also used part of it to sponsor a scout who is an orphan to attend the camp and enjoy with us.

Our scout patron would like us to join the PowerGirls network. I am the leader of the scouts in our school. Also i did not get a copy of the powergirls magazine i would be very happy if i can get one.Then i will be powerful also.