• Dear Sharma,

‘’It only takes a spark to get a fire glowing and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing ‘‘ says a song writer. Ours is a spark of love which shall not only knit hearts together but shall wipe away tears and heal the hearts of many. I can virtually feel the fire of love burning within me for a woman who desires my success and is ready to guide me through. In doing this you would be securing the destinies of thousands of women. What a privilege to be valued by someone like you. A first glance at your profile picture reminded me about the essence of beauty and tender heartedness. I see in you a lover of esthetics and a lover of humankind. Your glowing beauty of heart and physique brightens and decorates my world just as a bunch of flowers embellishes a room. I believe God made women the most comely of his creatures for this reason. We have an indispensible role to play for the world to look and feel better. That is why the earth in its beauty is referred to as Mother Earth and not Father Earth. Without our motherly nurturing, the earth`s pulse would not be felt, where the pulse cannot be felt, the heartbeat is no more. World pulse is therefore the heart beat of the earth, a kitchen where solutions to the earth`s problems are cooking in the hands of the best cooks of ages, Mothers!.Imagine a home without a kitchen,thank God for World Pulse,the earth`s kitchen. Sharma I am certain you know the recipe of the delicacy God has assigned me to prepare for the hungry world. My sleeves are folded and my apron is on, I await your directives. As you put a smile on the faces of many, may your creator give you reasons to be joyful everyday of your life. Sharma you are so easy to love.I Love you! So much love Shekina
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Leina..... I was 'eaves-dropping' on your love letter to one I assume may be a mentor. Lucky one. Lucky you. Lucky all of us to be involved together in this project.

Write on in love and truth!


Dear Ruthie, Im equally lucky to have you comment on my post.That means you loved it and obviously love the writer.In return I send you love and a prayer for all your hearts desires. Blessings Leina

Noble soul, Your eloquence has touched my heart. I see that we are kindred spirits. And I see your fiery readiness for action in the beautiful images of the kitchen you have conjured. Your sleeves are folded and your apron is on. You are definitely cooking, Leina! I've read through your recipe book -- your articles -- and who you are shines brightly through your words, your choices, and your actions.

I"m moved by your work on behalf of widows, pregnant women and their newborns, and your nonviolent stand against your grandmother's pressure. You are a gift to the world and I am so honored to be your mentor.

Today is Election Day in the United States. I voted and was reminded that women in this country only won the right to vote in 1920. I imagine this campaign for women's rights was started by women gathered around a ktichen table. They dreamed of a new possibility.

Standing in your kitchen, beloved Leina, what are your dreams for yourself and for your world? Let's begin by telling me these. You have my email address. Yours, Usha.

Let your light shine!

Waow Usha, What soothing words.They can make an athlet out of a leper.You carry solutions to all the limping aspects of many destinies.It`s a wonderful previledge.You adorn my world! Hugs

I am still struggling to understand what love is but your letter enlightened my dissident love nature. You are both lucky to have been paired with each other and I hope the relationship created brings more and more voices to see and feel change that I experience each time I log in. Today I felt that love to, I felt the passion you have and most of all your desire to unconditionally love. This is a lesson so I thank you Leina.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Dear Rudzanimbilu, .Thanks so much for the encouragement.Your profile picture reminds me of Love.If only we could love the world just as mothers love their children unconditionally.On world pulse we are a unique set of women,determined to send out our Love to the world. You are loved sister! Leina

I have been reading and reading your post since morning! What a love you paint here... You know what love is and you have given me a true definition! You are lovely yourself!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony