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Tears rolled, heart felt felt laughter filled the air ,spirits were lifted and inspirations triggered as thousands women gathered at the New York citys Lincoln center for this Years Women in the World Summit,hosted by Newsweek/Daily Beast . Sitting next to a pillar like Jensine Larsen for three days and listening to words of inspiration and stories from women from all parts of the globe ignited an unquenchable fire in me.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton,Liberias Leymah Gbowee ,International Monetary Fund Managing director Christine Lagarde ,the president of Kosovo Atiftete Jahjaga,Edith Kah Walla,a leading voice in Cameroon politics, face book COO Sheryl Sandberg Furstenberg ,the legendary Magdalene Albright are just few of the inspirational women leaders whose faces and voices left an indelible mark in my heart during the event. The words of Magdalene Albright who expressly told the women that “there is a special place in hell for women who refuse to help others” are still ringing in my ears,reminding me of the women in my community whose voices need to be heard through mine. The stories of courageous women activists from different parts of the world penetrated hearts and reminded the audience of an urgent need for change.From Victims of forced marriage in the UK to Suma,a Nepalese ex domestic worker,women listened to stories of courage and unending efforts made by women to make the world a better place. The teenage Suma who as early as the age of six endured hard labor and beating while working as a domestic slave was freed by an organization and is now working to liberate 20.000 other girls facing the same problem.Her song about her experiences as a battered domestic worker moved me to tears which were soon dried up by Meryl Streeps Hilarious introduction of the fiery Hilary Clinton. Listening to the unapologetic Leymah Gbowees voice resounding in the theatre”It is time for women to stop being politely angry” and the fiery Kah Wallas articulate call for women to be politically involved made me to realize the quest for a better world for women is no longer negotiable but a do or die matter. “ As women, we need to understand it is in the politics ,it’s politics that defines the economy, the social norms. Until we get political power, we are not going to make great strides. Every woman here needs to be involved in getting a woman elected. We need to be organized.”Kah Walla voiced, provoking a thunderous round of applause.Her statement made me to think of what the world would have been if women were one anothers keeper.Unfortunately it seems to be a world wide trend that women are the first to blackmail and refuse to support fellow women who dare to climb a higher rung of the ladder either politically or other wise.If we as women hold hands with one another,we shall form an unbreakable chain that is capable of penetrating the toughest glass ceiling.Watch the movie" praying the devil back to hell"and agree with me!.By the strength of feminine unity,the women of Liberia ended a civil war which had lasted for 14 years. Ongoing practices like forced marriages in the UK,forced prostitution in Mexico,femicide in Guatamela, female genital mutilation in Senegal and other parts of the world,female foeticide in india and breast Ironing in Cameroon reminds us that our fellow women are languishing in excruciating pains in different parts of the world and need our unanimous support to end their struggles.

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You said it sister! "the quest for a better world for women is no longer negotiable but a do or die matter." Now, I shall be quoting you from here on out. Thank you for being there with me during such powerful moments, let us be another's keeper.

With love,

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

Thank you Jensine,you are such a pillar of hope for the women of this generation.You bear a touch that has taken us in our numbers from nowhere to somewhere and are still taking more.We cannot rest until the world accepts that women have a place at the top and not in the back yards.Let us give ourselves no sleep until more girls like Suma the Nepalese see the four walls of classrooms and have their tears dried up. Jensine every second I stand by you teaches me a new lesson.I cherish them deeply.You are a shining example! Much Love Leina

Leina, You have said it all. Women themselves are the number one problem to fellow women. I think we have to embark on a campaign, schooling women on the need for us to be one another's keeper. We should Keep personal feelings aside an fight a common course. Well said dear. Continue to sound the whistle from your end.

Lots of love,


Nakinti B. Nofuru 2013 VOF Correspondent Reporter for Global Press Institute Bamenda - Cameroon Email:

Thank You sister, Your comment is comforting. Nakinti lets make a difference in our generation, let your success be mine and mine be yours and see what the world becomes in five years .I love your spirit and I know you shall go places. with love Leina

Dear Leina,

The inspiration is what gives us hope that the next generation of women would move faster than us. The opportunities they have to be exposed to information and technology keep them abreast with what is going on around them. Let us continue to engage women and as one of the comments indicated, put the common interest above the person and eventually we shall have both.


Thank you Amie, Yes the common interest above the person.With this spirit the world will be a be better place. blessings! Leina

It is good to empower women i agree. However, a woman will stand a better chance of being empowered if she is educated. Let's all spare no effort to educate the girl child.

Sure sweet sister!I `m always very excited to see people like you with a passion for a better life for women and girls on this platform!With our combined efforts the voices of women in our nation and the world will be heard!