Mother Earth is wailing, her elements are shedding visible tears and rebelling
Hurricanes,floods,earthquakes,economic meltdowns and wars are her tears
Until she stops wailing,the world will know no peace
A child who says his mother will know no peace, will know no peace
A child who strikes his mother will be struck by misery
A child who turns his back on his ailing mother has turned his back on his blessings

If you keep cutting her clitoris with that razor
If you keep ironing her breast with that hot stone
If you keep disgracing and tormenting her in the name of widowhood rituals
If you keep lashing her body with that whip and punching her with your fist
If you keep spilling her blood and disfiguring her face
If you keep raping her and paying no attention to her inner and outer bruises
If you keep depriving her of the right to education and leadership
If you keep impregnating her,despite the 12 babies she has borne for you
If you keep killing her children with guns and bombs
If you keep depriving her of the right to own the land she tills day and night to feed nations
If you keep allowing her to die while bringing forth life and desecrating her dead body in the name of tradition
She will never stop wailing and until she stops wailing, the world will NEVER know peace

Continue holding the meetings
Continue convening the conferences
Continue drafting the documents
Continue shutting down governments
Continue counting the victims for the sake of counting
As she wails every day and night, we all shall continue languishing in our different troubles
Until she stops wailing, the world will know no peace
and YOU TOO will know no peace

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This is such a raw and powerful cry for peace, coming from an experience that not many in the States even know exists. Thank you for speaking out with such beautifully crafted words! Please keep writing, you're brilliant!

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