few things belorussian people proud of...

Posted August 12, 2010 from Belarus

There are few things we are proud of in Belarus. 1. Not everyone believe but Belarus is in the centre of Europe. That is true, because European region is extending from Athlantic Ocean till Urals (mountains in the middle of Russia). 2. Minsk (the capital of modern Belarus) is a very old city, elder than Moskow (the capital of Russia) for 80 years or even more. The first words about Minsk scientists found in chronicles dating 1067 year. And Polack (the first capital of our land) was mentioned in connection with military campaigns in 862 - 865 year. 3. Democratic traditions of our land is very old: the first constitution were in 1529, elections of Grand Prince (Prince was elected for life) were in XVI sent. 4. Independence of Belarus. People don't like dictatorship of Lukashenko, but if somebody begin to say: want you Russia removes Lukashenko? Most of us answer: independence with Lukashenko is better than no independence without him. We must decide this problem ourselves!

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