My heroes

Posted August 25, 2010 from Belarus

My hero is second cousin's aunt of my husband. Her name is Valentina Tsereshkova and she is a first woman - cosmonaut in the world. She had a dream and she made herself. Now she is over 75 years old, but she is very active, she is taking part in many internanional progects and programs.

My another hero is Joan of Arc. She loved her Motherland best of all and never stopped in her struggle for the free France, and was paying hiest cost for own understanding of Duty.

And my third hero is my grandmother. She had not education more then 3 years at primary school. But she loved people, she love the world around her, she was kind and had a lot of wisdom to gave everybody of her 5 kids to choose their way themselves. All of her kids are honest, kind, true and intelligent people. I hope I can give my kids the same...

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