hi there.

does anyone have any experience going into gaza? we are interested in hearing the logistical challenges involved.

be well.


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hi Lenny, You might want to reach out to our Palestinian members for some insight.

Fawzia is now working as a secretary at the Jordan University of Science and Technology but I am sure she could provide some information to you: http://www.worldpulse.com/user/3287

Khulud is the International Relations & Development Coordinator, at the Isha L'Isha - Haifa Feminist Center, a Feminist activist and a Palestinian citizen of Israel. http://www.worldpulse.com/user/3263

And Arda is an activist who has written often about the issues and challenges women face in the region every day. http://www.worldpulse.com/user/1730

Wishing you all the best, Janice Director of Operations, World Pulse

hey lenny, though i have not yet traveled in/out of gaza, i have looked into it several times in recent years. for one reason or another (mostly because i got divorced) i haven't been able to afford a trip yet, but i have culled a number of resources. here are some of the organizations i recommend checking into or contacting for advice and information:

the international solidarity movement: www.palsolidarity.org (click on "join us in palestine" for all sorts of good information)

the free gaza movement: www.freegaza.org (this is the group that has sailed ships into gaza with relief supplies)

the palestinian anti-apartheid wall campaign: www.stopthewall.org (they offer activist resources on their site)

the israeli committee against house demolitions: www.icahd.org/eng (run by jeff halper - an inspiring american jew who has dedicated himself to fighting apartheid in israel/palestine)

finally, this blog is incredibly detailed and has extensive links to other blogs, resource sites, and statistics. during the siege last year, i read it daily (or five times daily, on some days) for painfully real stories about what it was like on the ground. the author may be willing to engage in a dialogue with you about entering gaza: www.ingaza.wordpress.com

best of luck! kim