About Me: I recently returned to school to work toward my masters in Social Work and the return to school has also been a caveat to returning to my activism that got brushed under the rug when I tried to "make a living".

I have a lot of interests, but most of the them involve some sort of international, feminist, queer, environmental something-or-other. If I can get food and music involved, all the better.

I've spent a significant part of my learning about the Russian language and culture and look forward to returning at some point. At some point in my life, I'm hoping to be the director of a camp of some sort. Currently there are too many ideas to list here...:-)

My Passions: Playing guitar, singing, reading, Russian, youth, outdoor adventure/challenge

My Challenges: Public speaking and/or voicing my opinions in groups which do not share my point of view

My Vision for the Future: A world whose economy is based on equality not money

My Areas of Expertise: Russian, camping (the summer camp kind)

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Hello there! I highly appreciate your interests in " international, feminist, queer, environmental something-or-other" that is an AMAZING way to put that!!

I definitely look forward to reading more about you and your journey. What kind of social work are you looking to go into? Are you involved in any sort of Russian feminist activism either in the US or in Russia? What drew you to be passionate about Russia in the first place?

As you can see, I have many questions!! Please check out the site and let me know if you need assistance connecting with people or groups.

Again, welcome and I look forward to reading more about your experiences!!

In Peace,