Congratulations to World Pulse

Lia Ocampo
Posted October 12, 2013 from United States

A big congratulations to World Pulse's 10 years of connecting for impact.

Also congratulations to all the winners of 2013 Global Correspondents. This organization and these correspondents are the leaders of change in creating a better world.

We are here as representatives of our different organizations and citizens of our countries. But we unite to create a bigger voice, one community and one world to make a difference.

We are all important with different roles to play in our organization, community and country. The voices we have and the roles we play, big or small, empower us in accelerating our impact for the world.

Kudos to everyone!

P.S. I was gone for months here on World Pulse, but I am still a part of the community. I am just one of the million voices here who knows and lives my purpose in life.


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