Introduction Blog, Thats really a new concept for me. Learning never earns and Iam very excited to be learning about this new cocept today because even though i might have started writing creating my own journal on Pulsewire i never new the correct technical word for that .

The interesting thing about this blogging is that blogs are easy to create and give us room to be creative as they do not require difficult technical formatting required of other media text. I find that I am actually able to be more creative when writing in my jpournal than in any other writings I have made and i enjoy the free styling it allows me. I also love the informality involved because I can express my sorrow, my joy and my happiness in an informal manner and that encourages me to keep trying because thats the nature of blogs and nobody judges you on how you express yourself. As a very shy person I am also attracted by blogs because they make me feel like Iam in the presence of other people in terms of the ease of communicating without having to be physically in each other's presence.

Because blogging is a new concept for me it does come with some challenges for me. My most immediate challenge is that the internet server in my region is mostly always down and as such I sometimes find it very difficult to access the internet to read and make postings in my journal.As a result sometimes I give up on making comments on some of the articles and comments posted to the group because I will get the feeling that maybe I am too late in my response. I need to identify a server in my region which is constantly working for me to overcome this barrier .

I also find that blogs do however require time for one to engage meaningfully in the ongoing debates, solutions and comments. Time for me can be very elusive and sometimes I laugh when I have to rush to the internet cafes over the lunch hour to get a glimpse of what is in the postings whilst iam eating my sanguage and often times i get so engaged i even forget the sangauge and take it back with me to the office. The internet cafes close early so i cannot use them after hours. Well, my present solution to this has been to dentify friends who have internet at home and request to use their internet late nto the night.

My other challenge with blogging is that I am always conscious that Iam not a writer, a journalist nor a trained mass communication person and as such Iam always scared that my writings might not be good or clear enough to be understood by the next person. In addition I am very scared of editing my own thoughts and this might negatively affect my blogs as there could be mistakes which i could easily have corrected with editing what I post. Presently the encouragement I get from my pulsewire community members keeps me growing and i am praying that this will eventually build me up to overcome this barrier.

The other thing which I find challenging with using blogs is keeping my journal updated. Iam still working on the solution to this one and pray that I will get there one day!

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Liba, You describe so vividly your challenges and your determination. I love the imagery of you forgetting your sandwich because you are so deeply engaged at the computer. Me too! I laughed because that is like my life too. I hope you can believe me when i say from my perspective as a listener and reader - your spirit shines through your writing. You are a writer, a leader, and a beacon for others. Way to go! The obstacles are many, but they are tiny compared to your determination. I congratulate you!

Jensine Larsen World Pulse


Thanks. You keep me going by your encouragement. You make me really feel that there is a broad light shining brightly at the end of the tunnel and that together we will definitely get to it!


"Its not by might nor by power, but by my spitrit , says the Lord"

Dear Liba,

I had the privilege to read your third essay for Voices of the Future and was very encouraged to hear how you create a way to blog even when there are barriers, like asking your friends who have Internet. Your understanding of the benefits of blogs is very clear, that it enables every woman to speak. I am also quite shy and love that writing on blogs can connect me with people more easily, through words only, and dissolve so many other barriers. Of course, it takes strength to put your words out there and I am glad that World Pulse encourages you to keep writing and developing your skills. Keep your solution-driven spirit to persevere through the barriers and continue writing!

with kindness, Carly Diaz


Thanks for the comments. I wish you knew how highly appreciated they are. They make me feel like a rising star!


"Its not by might nor by power, but by my spitrit , says the Lord"


I enjoyed your post and reading your story. It was strong and emotional and gave me a sense of who you are. You did an amazing job of expressing the benefits of blogging and the challenges. It is unfortunate that you are constrained by access to a computer and the internet. I also rush home to determine if there is anything waiting for me from my World Pulse community and other women that I have met through the internet. I am sure it is frustrating when you can not spend the time that you need.

You state that you are shy but I get a sense of strength from you that is inspiring. I would like to get to know you much better as I think we might have much in common.


Gemma Thanks a lot for the encouragement. i feel honoured to be in touch with inspirational women like you. I would love to know more about you. Lets stay in touch.


"Its not by might nor by power, but by my spitrit , says the Lord"