Posted November 24, 2010 from Kenya

So am at the cyber, checking to see whether I have finally received that email that would send me smiling all the way to the college where classes have already begun. Like in the past, there are a lot of new emails, except of course, what I am really looking for. It makes me feel bad. It makes me feel like throwing in the towel (the reason I am not doing this is because I have one towel and I am thinking, if I throw this one what will I use to dry myself after bathing?)

So I am still in the cyber and I have decided, to heck with it. This issue of not being able to join college isn't going to stop me from living, and from having a new song. I have something to celebrate and this is why.

I never knew I would be changing houses this soon. The last time I changed houses was because of what happened after my landlord looked at Gloria in a way that suggested he wanted to posses her. Since I couldn’t take it, we had to move houses. Actually, we didn’t move on our own accord. We were forced to. The landlord kicked me out, which means I had to pack a few of my belongings and leave his house.

The moment I moved into the other house, which I left today, I realized it wasn’t going to suit my needs. I knew Gloria wasn’t going to complain in any way. I am the one who always makes the decisions and she doesn’t have a say, unless it has to do with formatting and installing new programs when I have to look at the blank screen hoping for the best. The wall sockets were not working. So I had to improvise by connecting a length of wire that snaked from the bulb overhead, across the wall then to the set where I connect all my electrical appliances. Like I said, Gloria was well taken care of. But I still had to knock doors asking to iron my shirts once in awhile.

Now I have moved to a new and better house. It has working wall sockets, running water right inside the house, shower and my own toilet. What’s more, Gloria has a whole wall socket to herself. It is the first time she isn’t going to share with Violet, my faithful radio. But Violet will have to share with the iron box, the cell phone charger and any other electrical appliance I might think of buying in the near future.

I hope you will make it in time for the house warming. There is one problem though. I will be touching this and that. Promise you won’t stop me from flipping the switches on the walls. Promise you won’t me from turning, on and off, the tap at the sink and the shower. Promise you won’t misunderstand my intentions. Promise, please promise me. That’s all I ask of you.

I have moved houses thrice in this year and I think I have a house I am going to stay in for a long while. This is the first time I am in a house where I can hibernate without setting a foot in the outside world. Now all I have got to do is look for a Gloria that breathes oxygen, drinks water and is comfortable with her real hair. I also hope she won’t be addicted to numerous pairs of shoes. Okay, now that I have said that. Let me check whether the switch on the wall is working. Yeah, I know. It isn’t the first time I am doing this tonight. But let me just do it for the last time.

Damn! I have just switched off the socket where Gloria, my PC is connected. I hope windows will recover this article when I switch it on again. Meanwhile, promise me you will understand. That’s all I ask of you. There, I have switched on the wall socket. I am happy to be alive! I am having a new song!

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  • Fungai Machirori
    Dec 05, 2010
    Dec 05, 2010

    For a moment I thought Gloria was a human being, your daughter perhaps! Sigh, the life of upheaval. I have lived in three different places this year - first in South Africa and then back home to Zimbabwe and now in the UK. I now call myself a nomad because my life has become about buying new cutlery and pots all the time! But that's what makes life interesting I guess ;)

  • James
    Dec 07, 2010
    Dec 07, 2010

    Oh, from the UK you said? How is it so far?

    I have been writing about my computer as if it breathes air and drinks water. In fact, most people think Gloria is my wife or girlfriend. This name came about after I had written about a fictitious woman in a book i am writing - BLAME IT ON ADAM - and it seemed appropriate to me. The only problem is that the PC is moody at times, it has mood swings and am forced to just ride the waves or just go to the top floor in our building and just whistle in the air. Thanks for your comments.