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Gimikera (Streetwalker) A film by Ligaya Domingo & Justin Hakuta

Set amidst the bustling urban sprawl, towering skyscrapers and tin-roofed shantytowns of Manila, Philippines, Gimikera (Streetwalker) is the gripping tale of Mylene, a survivor of forced prostitution, and her struggle to find meaning in a life of exploitation and abuse. With interviews from leading anti-trafficking organizations, Gimikera (Streetwalker) depicts the brutal reality of human trafficking in the Philippines through the eyes of Mylene capturing her triumphs and hardships as she fights to put the pieces of her life back together.

The film will be shown on October 3, 2008, Friday at the Koret Auditorium, San Francisco Public Library 100 Larkin Street San Francisco, CA. Screening Starts at 5:00pm and will be followed by a talk with the filmmaker.

For more information email ligaya@traffickingproject.org or call 347-323-3670

Gimikera (streetwalker) is a production of the Human Trafficking Project, a New York-based nonprofit organization that utilizes art and technology to raise awareness of modern day slavery, connect those working to combat the issue and support trafficking survivors. For more information on human trafficking and what you can do to help visit www.traffickingproject.org.

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I have heard of the Human Trafficking Project and I am so happy there is an organization that brings to light the horrors of this issue. I don't live near San Fransisco but I hope to see this movie at some point.

I think it should be projected onto the strip clubs and places known for harboring trafficking victims. Fill billboards and every empty space with images from this film. Make the people arrested for these crimes and all of their friends watch this movie over and over until it is burned in the brain. Better yet, make them live it.

Ligaya, thank you for sharing this with us and thank you for the amazing work you do. Please keep us updated on this issue and how we can see this movie.

From my heart,

Jenna Kellam

Human trafficking has been a complex and continuously prevailing issue in the Philippines. I'm hoping that at least this film will help in creating awareness of the realitized of people who are being victimized

Thanks Jenna for the support.


It would be great if you could help us spread the word out. I'm already in San Francisco and Im looking forward to the screening tom.


Thank you, Ligaya, for taking your heart, soul, and camera to the streets. Documentary film-making is among the most powerful tools for awakening a sleeping world. It takes courage to voluntarily enter those troubled worlds, and wisdom to come back with the messages.

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Thanks Dave, we're all on this together. I am also a firm believer of that and I hope this film helps in bringing more awareness to the issue of trafficking.

All the best, Ligaya

I too, would love to see your film. Visually storytelling, gives us the most real sense of what it means to be oppressed. I'd love to help you get your film shown in more places, as well as, into film festivals that focus on film with social issues.

Thanks for your work,


I would be glad to share the film to as many people as I possible. After I do the final edit (which is going to be just corrections in the subtitles) I plan on submitting it to film festivals. I will definitely let you know if I get to screen it near your area.

The film is a actually a part of a project that we're doing at The Human Trafficking Project where we're raising funds to send children survivors in the Philippines. We're planning to distribute online and use the sales for that.


Wow. I wish you all the best with getting this film out there. I will pass along information about this event to friends in the bay area. Would you share some of your experiences with making the film? How did you meet Mylene? It sounds like an incredible intersection of people. Any new film projects brewing?

Best wishes with all of your work,


Yes, that would be great if you could help us spread the word out. Actually yes, I am working on doing a reasearch doing a documentary on women and children in an indigenous community in the Philippines in armed conflict situation. I will let you know more about it soon.

Greetings from San Francisco! Ligaya

Please let us know how the October 3rd showing goes!

Best, Sally

Sally Peters ~~~~~ Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest. ~ Georgia O’Keeffe ~~~~~