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Dear sisters, dear friends,

I'm writing to ask you for music... I'm working on a compilation of music from different cultures all around the world. I loved reading Enie's comment about all the different styles in Cameroon. Enie, if you read this, I do hope you will send us a link to the music that you feel best represents your culture. However, I'm particularly interested in women singers who sing with power and strength! Or musicians whose music makes you feel free!

The music is being compiled for a video project I'm working on. In the video, women from all over the world will say one by one, "I am not cut." The reason we want to do this is to show people in cultures where it is still a normal practice to remove parts of a girls' genitals or to close her vaginal opening that THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN! We want to show them that their sisters all over the world support them in changing the social codes that support this dangerous practice. This is not an ethical judgement, this is about the health of girls and women!

I know in my heart that there is amazing and beautiful music out there that needs to become a part of our video. But it is UP TO YOU to guide me to the right music. I hope you will take my request very seriously. It is so important that the music we use in the background represents WORLD DIVERSITY, beauty and power.

Music truly is the rhythm of the soul,

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Lili Miller

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Hi Lili, Your project sound interesting. Yes i mentioned we do have variety of music in Cameroon but almost all are either in the our different vernacular or french. I'm still to pinpoint if there is really any in english. As a result, for your kind of project how do you pinpoint their meaning?. The truth is i don't speak nor understand any of our vernacular, just the two official language English and French.

Well i promise i will try to carry out some research but i guess it is going to be a little bit difficult since i'm not presently in my country. For if i was, it would have simply been a matter of going to a music shop and sort them out.

However, i wish you all the best in your endeavour.


Hi Lili, i have posted some links of Cameroonian Music, this particular Link is for a song titled 'Maladie Difficile' by a group known as Zangalewa. In English it can be translated a 'Difficult Illness''. The Video demonstrates what mothers go through doing house chores and catering for their kids at the same time -

This one still by thesame group titled- 'Un Babe' 'A Baby' the music portrays parents in deed of a child to love and care and pray to God they wouldn't mind all the nastiness that comes with childcare. Meanwhile a child kicked a soccer ball, breaking this woman's plate when she smacked him for being careless he went to inform his mom who came to confront this other lady and telling her she acted the way she did towards her son because she didn't have a child -

Hope it ties with your program and the music is more in French. Best Regards

Merci pour la musique... je vais aller voir les liens. Il est important de représenter plusieurs langues dans le vidéo donc MERCI!

Lili Miller

Salut, Je n'vais pas aucune idee que tu conne bien la lange Francais. Se vraiment tres bien. Moi je me debroille quandmeme. Pour mon audinaterre je ne conne pas comment je peu metre les'abcent. Tu avais appri sa ou?

Bien a toi Cecile

There are MANY great lady crooners here in the North:) Some that I KNOW will have inspirational lyrics are Susan Aglukark (check out the album "This Child") Sara Machlachlan and Chantal Kreviasik (who works closely with War Child Canada) I'll try to post a few links for you - Susan Aglukark would be especially cool - original to Canada - noone like her!

Ok - I hope those work:) Let me know if you would like more.

In my opinion, the best tune would be "This Child" by Susan Aglukark but I could not find a link.

I'd love to hear how the project is going.

Singing away, Shauna