A personal vision I have of my life, community and the world is already conceived in I want to build in the future. For now I have a shared vision and a sense of ownership and commitment to community of Pulse Wire. Mostly all of us want to contribute and develop our potential to fulfill our vision and mission with our own community. It originates within ourselves sharing our personal vision, improving our confidence and skills which implies ability and willingness to understand and work with the forces around us with joy to make clear actions, patient and persistent personal change processes to achieve the expected results.

I want to be Voices of Our Correspondent, because I want my personal vision and mission guide me in terms of four important aspects strategy, purpose, values, policies and standards. In that sense I aspire to the most desirable, while being consistent with the Vision and Mission I want to accomplish. This will help to my vision in the following way: Achieving effective and efficient activities. Getting people to work for the common good like a community of Pulse Wire. Planning goals and action strategies Together, the vision and mission define the shared purpose of a person or group.

My attitude should be open to a diversity of people into my inner life. Listening and sharing experiences and lifestyles, ethnic and faith traditions, social and political perspectives that contrast with and challenge my own. The most important is to create my own women’s support group. Reach out to and forge connections with other women, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers. Surround yourself with women’s stories, women’s experiences, women’s struggles, and women’s triumphs. Learn from women’s wisdom on Pulse Wire

Now the problem is that women spend most of the time inside cars than giving the best of time to our family. My challenge is to help working women through promoting improvements in public and urban transport in my city. I had the opportunity to talk to taxi drivers about these new policies incredulous that the city authorities want to implement, but they are incredulous. They don´t mind. Maybe I'm not in that circle of people but I want my voice could be heard for the improvement of transport situation in urban and rural cities. I will do with the help of the community of women of Pulse Wire.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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I am not familiar with the transport situation in Peru, but after reading your post I can imagine how improving transport would truly benefit the lives of working women. I think building linkages on this issue will help move your cause forward - and good luck to you! Andrea

Yes,Liliana, Your idea is new and innovative..I and Pulsewire would support you with all the way,whatever your idea is as long as it brings out a change in women of your community....

With best regards, Rakiba

Hi Rakiba, thanks for your e-mail. The change we need is for urbal and rural communities. It could be better for the quality of life of all women working.

Best regards, Liliana

Liliana Delgado

Hi Liliana, Thank you for sharing your vision here, and what it would mean for you to become a Correspondent.

I hope that you will continue to work toward building a women's community here, where people can exchange stories, dreams, triumphs and challenges. Never give up on your personal vision, you will get there!


Scott Beck

Hi Scott. Thanks for your nice and encouraging words. That´s the idea Scott, I want to communicate the good time and problems we face in our daily lives. It´s a challenge to support each other to solve and improve our quality of life.

Best regards, Liliana

Liliana Delgado