About Me: Greetings Beautiful and Amazing Women! What an honor to join the international choir of women and support their solo and collective voices, stories sung from the depth of their souls for humanity and women all over the world to hear.

I grew up with all my relations, grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, students, community members and cultural organizations in what I call our "family village" in California. I was raised with many "she-ro's" in my life and grateful for the many teachings, wisdom, and the courageous and compassionate acts of love they have shared with me. We have so much to share and learn from one another and our capacity for love and compassion is infinite!

I am a passionate educator and counselor, advocate for social justice and equity for our diverse and indigenous communities. I am an advocate and supporter of the arts (performance, visual, spoken, documentary film) as a powerful and transformative vehicle for personal expression and pathway for authentic dialogue. I love traveling, meeting and listening to the stories of people from all walks of life, we carry their stories to the world and empower their journey as part of our own humanity.

I look forward to learning from all of you and the global network of women/sista's. Let's sing LOUD, in our own voices, who cares if off key, we sing because we care and refuse to be silenced!

With love and gratitude! Linda Ando

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Hi Linda,

I’m so glad and excited to see you in our community. Thanks so much for joining us, you are always free to post to your journal and add comments to others posts too, this is where we can freely contribute for the betterment of women and children all over that world. Please feel free to browse through our group section and post to the groups you decided to join.....On worldpulse everything is free...just be yourself.

Welcome again to our PulseWire Community and I look forward to seeing you more in here!!!

Warm Regards, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Hello Sarvina! Thank you for the warm welcome from Beautiful Cambodia.

The Khmer people and culture has a very special place in my heart, as I have been working with Khmer youth since the late 80's. My work with the Khmer youth started with the "Children of War" chapter in Long Beach, California which was started by Arn Chorn - we worked with youth from war torn countries. I worked with the Khmer Students at California State University of Long Beach and now in Seattle at the University of Washington.

Many years ago at the UW, my Khmer students organized the first "candlelight vigil" on the anniversary date when Pol Pot took over the country. It was powerful to pay homage to those who died and for the youth, community members to stand up and reclaim their voice, identity with the intent to heal and move forward. The students started organizing Khmer classes, programs for the Khmer communities. Loung Ung, author and human rights activist was instrumental during this endeavor, as she spoke to the students and arranged NightLine to interview the students. The seed was planted and there has been many more powerful student driven initiatives. Dr. Tracy Hirachi at our School of Social Work established a graduate program for Phnom Penh University graduate students. Dr. Hirachi works as a consultant for various NGO's in Cambodia and she leads a group of UW students to Cambodia in December for 4 weeks to engage with social service agencies.

I appreciate your passion for education and human rights. Your English is excellent, did you study in the US or UK? Where are you completing your graduate studies?

Sarvina, you have a BEAUTIFUL and DYNAMIC spirit which I LOVE! Your passion for humanity shines brightly and strong.

I look forward to getting better acquainted with you and the other women. With gratitude and love, linda ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Sousdey Linda!

It sounds so interest to know that you are also involved in Khmer youth. Even I was born after Pol Pot took over Cambodia but as I listen and watch the movie or go to the places where Pol Pot killed the own Khmer people like this, make me feel so sad with what they had done to Khmer people even they are also Khmer. I lost many relatives who were killed by Pol Pot. I’m so compassionate to Mr. Arn Chorn, his life is so fantastic which leads him to get success. I love his word Be the Change, which is always in my mind as a motto to encourage myself to struggle everything. Now Cambodia is recovered a new life and is also being much developed and flourished to all sectors.

I have just read, Ms. Loung Ung’s book through google site, which is titled of First They Killed My Father. She is a wonderful Cambodian Lady. I’m so praise about her. Agh! It’s wonderful to hear that Dr. Tracy Hirachi established a graduate program for Phnom Penh University graduate students and I’m so happy to know she also leads a group of UW students to Cambodia in December.

Thank you so much for interesting in my background! Of course, when I was a child my family was poor so my parents didn’t have enough money to support my study. In Public School, I could study English only 3 hours a week and most times teacher didn’t come to teach us regularly; especially I had no time to study by myself as I was pity to my parents so I decided to help them to run the smallest business after I got back from school. That’s why my English is not too good but I’m trying to improve it everyday since I have been learning it almost 5years now and I hope in one day I can fulfill my dream to get a scholarship to study at the US or others countries. Yeah, I’m pursuing Master Program on the filed of Development Management at Norton University in Phnom Penh where I also found Bachelor in here as well.

The last, I’m so happy & excited to communicate with you and I also love your background since you have been working & involving with Khmer youth & society a lot. I hope you don’t mind with my English writing. I really need to learn much more from you and the other. I look forward to seeing your post as well. Keep in touch……..Have nice days!!!!!

With all my loves, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Sousday Sarvina!

Hello from Seattle, Washington! Sarvina, it is such a joy to hear your enthusiasm for learning and to be the change we want to see, it is a powerful reminder that we can make a difference. I am so impressed with your excellent command of English and how well you can express your personality and feelings. I can tell you have great passion for life and humanity and that is wonderful!

I am so glad you read Loung Ung's book. She is an amazing woman and I know Loung would love to hear from you. Please send her a message, do you have her email address? I have not seen Arn Chorn since the early 90's while he was still in college. I am so proud of his work and commitment to help the Khmer people. All Khmer people have suffered unimaginable loss during the Khmer Rouge. However, their loving spirit and joyful laughter survives! You are the future of Cambodia and your spirit and desire to learn and make a difference via development work, is exciting. You can do it!!! Do not lose sight or passion for your goal.

I would love to hear more about the status of Cambodian women and girls from your perspective. I believe you are a good role model for other Khmer girls to pursue their education and dreams. It is not so easy, as resources are limited.

Are you applying to be one of the global correspondents for World Pulse or a "listener" liken me for this year's application process? I hope you will be one of the global correspondents as you have the gift to write and inspire.

Take good care my Khmer sista! Love and Friendship, Linda

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Sousday Bang Srey,

I hope everything around you is going pretty well. Yeah I just write what i want to say from my mind only. Thanks for providing me to have great passion for life and humanity! It's wonderful for me to remember and keep in mind. I have many things need to learn from you and I always think that you are also my teacher even we are far a part. Like one sentence said: If you don't succeed yet so you should learn from the successful or talented person. It's my motto to encourage me to Be the Change!

Of course her book is so interesting and I would love to read it more and more since writing is also my favorite topic but unfortunately, most time I try to write a story i'm always headache so it's a problem that I cannot spend much time to write it. Ah....sounds so beautiful as i would also like to drop her an email, so can you tell me her email address please? One more thing is that I also want your email address, can't I?

Yeah sister, I have also applied for The Voices of Future 2010 on this PulseWire. I hope i have a chance to be one of the global correspondents and i will try with effort to do it. Even Success or not is OKAY, I will keep it as experience and a big chance for me to learn from empowerment women worldwide.

You know your name Linda is like Cambodian people. Are you Cambodian or American?

Have nice days, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Sousday Sarvina!

Hello from Seattle! Sarvina, your spirit and passion is strong and I encourage you to voice your ideas and thoughts through writing and dialogue. One day, you will publish your own book or short stories which will touch the lives of others. I feel you will be an excellent correspondent from Cambodia.

Loung would be thrilled to hear from you and what you are striving to do on behalf of Khmer women and people. You can contact her and please introduce yourself. She is part of the council for World Pulse, therefore, she would be excited to hear you are applying as one of the Voices of Future 2010. Loung travels to Cambodia regularly and maybe you can meet her one day. Go to her website www.loungung.com for more information of her work in human rights in Cambodia.

I am Japanese American who has worked with Khmer Americans for a long time.

I believe we are all teachers and students, we have much to learn from one another! I believe in YOU and your dream,

Take care and keep up the good work with your studies! I would love to read any of your stories.

Peace and Gratitude,


With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Sousday Linda,

Thank you very much for everything! I'm looking forward to read any of your stories too.

Thanks & Regards, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

It’s so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fabulous time with your new online friends as well as find this to be a very positive experience. I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community. Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!



Hello Fatima!

I am so touched by the warm welcome extended by you and other amazing women. I look forward to learning more about your advocacy work with human rights and how we can support the rights of women and girls around the world. I recently attended a performance to bring awareness and support for the Congolese women, $70,000.00 was raised to aid the women and also provide medical care for these courageous survivors. I have many undergraduate students who are passionate about working on behalf of social justice and human rights. I will encourage them to join the online community so they can broaden their perspective and connection with women around the world.

Thank you for the encouragement and support! I look forward to more conversations with you and other friends!

Asante sana Fatima! I love your energy and spirit, simply BEAUTIFUL and DYNAMIC! You have an illuminating spirit which provides people with hope and inspiration. THANK YOU!

With deep gratitude.....linda

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando