The name of my practice is Mindful Healing, which I chose because I feel that mindfulness - being present in the moment- is critical to our healing process. We live in a world that calls for our attention at every moment, in a multitude of ways, to a point where it is so very difficult to find that place of stillness within ourselves. Our lives are filled with busyness, in part out of necessity, because of the responsibilities we have, but also because it is challenging for us to sit still. I don't mean that we need to sit and meditate necessarily, but rather that we need to cultivate a willingness to focus on what is right in front of us.

One of the easiest ways to get into being present is to notice your breath. This is why most meditation practices involve focusing on the breath. I often will also put my hand on my heart for a moment, because I find it gets me to take a breath, slow down, get centered and grounded, and be present.

Allow yourself to be fully absorbed in whatever you are doing. If you are in conversation, see if you can be fully present and listen deeply, without interruption. And notice how easy or challenging this is! If you have a hard time doing this, then you may want to continue practicing until it becomes more natural for you.

If you are taking a walk, notice the sights and sounds, the aromas, good or bad. Just notice. If you are walking with someone else, try an experiment of walking in silence for a few minutes. And leave the ipod and cell phone at home!

When you are engaged in what you consider a boring task, like cleaning your home, be with the moment, rather than thinking how much you hate doing this task and wanting to move on. All we have is the present moment, and if we are always lurching toward the next moment, or dwelling on the past, we miss out on life, which is happening right now, right at this instant, regardless of what you are doing!

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Very thoughtful indeed. It is really interesting that how in the process of living we forget to live. I am looking forward to more such posts and hope I am really able to follow what u say.



Thank you Nusrat. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I loved your phrase :"how in the process of living we forget to live." Beautifully put!


Welcome, Linda. I'm trying to discover my path in supporting the holistic health movement and I look forward to hearing your wisdom on Mindful Healing.

Thanks Julie. I just visited your home page and am so impressed with all you are doing to help shift the lives of many women. I am hoping to make the time to write more on my journal to open up a dialogue with you and others who are interested in a holistic approach to health care. This is so missing in the debate that is currently taking place nationally regarding our health care policy!


I believe if one is at present it really helps with health. I feel I am exhausted just focusing on the present and enjoying what I do. I feel something is missing... I am having problem what to do when an emotion is triggered and getting over it. Focusing on breathing does help.

I do hope you do include more in your journal.

Welcome to the WP :)

Cheers Amei

Amei, it certainly is difficult to move past that pattern of reacting to an emotion that keeps getting triggered. Do you have a meditation practice? This might help as well, though the results are not quick. I don't know if yoga exists in your country - if it does, I have found it to be very helpful in keeping me balanced, physically, emotionally, and mentally. We each need to find the spiritual practices that work for us, and make sense in the context of our lives. Have you looked at the video that was provided to all the VOF students that was developed by Amy Lombardo? This should be very helpful to you.

Thanks for your comments and encouragement!

I hope you are enjoying the VOF program!