Women and ICTs

lisa horiwapu
Posted September 8, 2010 from Solomon Islands

I have been a keen user of ICTs since and have found it to be a useful tool especially in sharing ideas with my fellow women on issues that affect us in our side of the world...the South Pacific. I find it very easier to contact freinds too with this technology not knowing that there'll come a day when I'll have the idea of abandoning the very thing I love to use for a very traditional type. I went through an experience which haunts me for a while up until now. Using ICTs to some of us is still to be accepted by both genders. My partner could not accept me using emails because to him it is searching out new relationships that will be seen as unacceptable. I has to face him to explain why am on emails and what I sent or recieve on emails... I heard things like' you are disgusting' selling yourself or advertising yourself on line to your freinds. It makes me feel rotten inside and I always wonder why good and genuine users cannot be seen differntly or positively.

Unfortunately I was victmised and emotionally harassed by my partner for using such which is somewhat still be seen as an avenue to searching other illegitimate relationships that are not acceptable. I have been using email but still with fear of facing something similar to what I did face the other time. Am still to fully come into terms with this event but I know why emotional violence hurts.

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