We cannot demolish it, what we can do is only transform. "Chhaupadi" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chhaupadi) is their culture and directly impacts their caste and culture. That's why even lots of programs and new thoughts are being useless when it comes to demolish it. It is near to impossible at least a far cry to achieve this goal. It will exist in the community but might be in different form. Well everything changes with time so do our culture but mind my words it only changes, transforms itself but eradication……. Yes, migration is making a positive impact; you can see they give damn care to this thing. But only because they have to cope with the life style of the new society and another is they don't get that social structure and environment even if they want to follow it, where are they going to get a cowshed or chhaupadi hut to stay? So either they leave it or they modify according to their comfort zone. But those who give damn care here again follow the custom when they get back. They know it very well that they can not leave alone, they need family, friends and society. So, they just find easy to follow the rules and regulations of their society rather than fighting against them. And one more things we should never forget is those cultures are formed by their own people and they know it more than anything else. You belong to Newari community, right? though you know it very well that "Gufa" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newa_people) effects on girls mental and physical health but still can not stand and go against it because the chain is very strong, stronger than anything else in your life, the chain of your society, culture, where you belong to. Singing, dancing, wearing, speaking, eating, learning, loving, caring, crying, smiling, breathing…. can you ignore it. Yes, if you are strong enough you might try to convince them if not may be fight like a child but will never go against them. Because even if you don't but your every single sense every single cell knows that this is where you belong this is what you are and this is the only place where you can go back and stay safe. It took about thirty five minutes to drive me from Tripureshwor to Gongabu buspark. He works as a taxi driver; I don't know even his name. It was our first meeting but he shared his point of view on redefining our culture. He is right our culture, society, family defines us but we cannot keep on being blind that our own people, culture encouraged gender disparity and kept and keeping women in subordination role. And in result we can see women and girls are suffering from various forms of violence every moment and turning our father, brother, uncle, teacher……violent and taking them far far away from peace, love and gentleness. And because we are among them, we belong to it ONLY WE CAN BRING CHANGE, ONLY WE CAN SAVE IT.