About Me: In December 1996, I was at the height of my career. Despite the fact that I was very successful in corporate America, I knew something major was missing in my life. I had no clue what it was, but realized I had to figure it out. That led me to embark upon a journey to discover my WHY – my true purpose of existence.

“If your WHY doesn’t make you cry, it’s not strong enough.” “The WHY behind us all should be filled with the LOVE of who we are. What we yearn to do, long to do, would do for free…it is the LOVE in our WHY that makes us cry, and ultimately fly.”

After two years of deep study in the book of Proverbs 31, I finally understood that life is about LOVING yourself through every opportunity as well as obstacles that may come your way. Ultimately, I learned to start "Living LYNESA" - Loving Yourself Now Empowers Situations Ahead.

I am able to talk the talk because I have definitively walked the walk — a walk filled with pain, uncertainty, fear, and ultimately joy and blessings. I have been through what so many of us have been through…instability, problems with our home life, children, partners, finances, and the stark and painful reality that somewhere along the line I had somehow lost myself.

I am currently a Rising Leader in Minerva Place and the inspirational founder of The P31 Woman In Training – an amazing organization that teaches WOMEN how to become a True Proverbs 31 Woman by discovering their passion and purpose; ultimately, leading them to become WISE women, wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs.

I am based in Redondo Beach, CA, and I am the proud mother of twin daughters, Jasmine and Jessica and one son, Stephen.

My Passions: I love to Cook and Enjoy Life through fellowshiping with Friends and Family. I also enjoy everything about EMPOWERMENT. I believe we were all called for a PURPOSE in Life and we must find and walk in that Purpose which will ultimately EMPOWER others.

My Challenges: Being a Southern Girl, I love everything about food. But with everything we must learn and understand MODERATION is a Must in everything we do.

My Vision for the Future: To Leave a Legacy to my Childeren... I started a movement called the FOL (For Our Legacy) Movement. Visit www.FOLMovement.com to join the movement.

My Areas of Expertise: Motivational Speaker, Sales/Product Knowledge Trainer, Personal Life Coach

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