Introducing myself and my journal: Baaba Living

Posted August 21, 2012 from Uganda

About Me:Hello am ugandan aged 33 grow up from the orphaenge called Watoto child care Ministries Uganda East Africa.i went to Uganda Chritian University ,Acquired a degree in socail work and socail administration ,with Aim of helping other Volunarable children.I Have register the organasition called BLESSED TO BLESS ,Becouse i want to bless anther children the way i was blessed.when i lost my parents due to war. the challege am finding in this project is sponsorship for the projects like

Capacity building among the Orpheaned children. Tranforming the life of the abused children Advocate for the rights of Orpheaned child in most remote areas of Uganda.

My Passions:Socail Justice to all

My Challenges:Supporting agent

My Vision for the Future:To represente the people of Area in the perliament

My Areas of Expertise:Socail works

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