Apply to Be A Scholar

We are looking for young Rwandan women interested in applying for US scholarships to join our program for 2016. Below is an overview of our program and how to apply. Due date for applications is November 8, 2015.


We’re looking for women who:

•  Live within 1 hour of Kigali

•  Are between 18-24

•  Will have completed secondary school before January 2016.

•  Are passionate about attending a US college or university.

•  Speak and write English very well: This is critical because all US universities require a high score on the TOEFL language exam. Therefore, if your English is not strong, we recommend that you spend a year studying and apply next year.

•  Have VERY STRONG grades: Consistently ranked high in your class (1-5) and scored close to perfect on the National Exam. This is important because all US universities are challenging and only accept those with the highest grades.

•  Dedicated to the program: Able to dedicate their days in January 2016 – June 2016 to complete the program. You must agree to not work at a full-time job during this period or take other courses, AND you must defer any other scholarships you may have been awarded. 

•  Have daily access to a strong Internet connection and computer (this is very important and there are no exceptions).



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