Lots of great stuff happening at Girls Education International

Lizzy Scully
Posted July 3, 2009 from United States
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There is a lot of really neat stuff happening with Girls Education International right now. We have just had two computers and a printer donated, we sent out our first comprehensive enewsletter last month, we finished up a full year of our Liberia Scholarship Program and await our girls' grades, and we completely renovated our website. Check it out: www.GirlsEd.org.

Heidi Wirtz, the co-founder of the organization, and I have both committed to working hard on Girls Ed. We were inspired by our recently deceased friend, Jonny Copp, who pursued his passions and lived his dreams. Though always motivated, we both feel an a renewed sense of dedication to our cause. My feeling is, why waste my time doing other things when what I really want to do is spend the rest of my life educating as many girls as possible around the globe.

Our renewed excitement is manifesting in various ways. Heidi is focusing on fundraising efforts, such as developing our signature events and speaking engagements, while I continue to build the infrastructure of the organization and develop an effective and efficient board of directors. We have two new members and are talking with two other potential members over the next few weeks!. Additionally, we have a number of valuable professionals advising us on everything from our business plan to mission statements. This is the most exciting time I've ever experienced in regards to Girls Education International.

We are also focusing on building a relationship with a nonprofit in Pakistan so that we can start a program over there this summer. We are close. I can feel it. Heidi is spearheading the effort. Wish us luck! And, if you know someone who is as passionate about our cause as we are, please connect them to us! Thanks so much.

-Lizzy Scully Executive Director

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