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Posted October 7, 2011 from Egypt
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My happiness was great when I heard the news of an Arab woman to win rebel against the repressive life of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2011, especially after the revolutions broke out in both spring Arab from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and others.

Let me tell you what I knew about this woman which is a source of pride for all girls Arab spring Iieran rights of their country, is entrusted with Abdul Salam Kerman-old 32-year-won the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in defending the rights of women in the Arab state, as well as its defense of freedom of the press, through established the "Women Journalists Without Chains."

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in 1999, Master of Political Science, Diploma in Education from the University of Sana'a and investigative journalism diploma from the United States, as selected by the organization Reporters Without Borders as one of the 7 women have contributed to change the world.

Was assigned to the arrest and assault several times before and after the revolution. Voice is the one of the voices known critique of the system in favor of the demands assigned were not only political reform, let Bastmrh for the renewal of religious discourse, and critique courageous ideas radical, and its defense of the rights of Yemeni women, in the clan, ruled by a corrupt system, and weapons fill the houses and streets.

She had been arrested on January 23, 20 011 where she was leading marches denouncing the corruption of Abdullah Saleh and his men, and raised her arrest the wave of mass protests forced the Yemeni authorities with the release of the assigned day after the detention, transfer of activists Yemeni all assigned that she had received death threats, phone-presidency, and then Successive threats after the attack on the presidential palace in June 3, 2011, and accused by loyalists in favor of «workers of the United States», had responded with activists of the Yemeni revolution, that the aircraft and Washington continue to go free in the skies agreement with Yemen for the same.

In her statement immediately after the announcement of the news of victory, via satellite, "Al Jazeera" channel, expressed her happiness at winning entrusted with the prize, considered it as a tribute to the martyrs and the injured in the revolution of Yemen, as a recognition of the Arab spring.

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