Manifestations against sexual harassment, sexual harassment ends in Tahrir Square !

lobna sedky
Posted June 8, 2012 from Egypt

To be invited to optimism what happened today in Tahrir Square during a women's demonstration against sexual harassment, after hours of wandering the demonstration in Tahrir Square, which reached number Mtazahrha 200 girls, there has been a case of harassment reduce the girl's response was girls tough and minutes later turned unchanged harassment to many cases The very stones and throwing water bottles on the protesters to feel more scared.

And told Nadia Noureldin he was there the appearance of a positive is "there was a group of young people clustered around to protect us have been brought us out from the field two, two for governor on us from the thugs and predators," and other women wrote on their account Batawaitr "So what .. a woman in # Egypt is just for sex?!! u want them to shut up? " , "What will a guy benefit when he sexually harasses a woman? It's like they are trying to break us.".

In a talk to girls on facebook "that this was a scare and intimidate the girls," We will not give up our rights to demonstrate, "" We are harassing us in all transport and streets will be silent again on that "" what happened today to make you strong and will continue to demand our rights. "

During that expresses a total of young people who protected the girls in the field of harassment and drive them out of it by sending a message to them apologizing in the name of the Egyptian youth, what happens to them and what happened today, and say they will not give up girls for securing their own country.

Video of part of the demonstration

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