After spreading strongly .. Call for blogging on the Egyptian against sexual harassment

lobna sedky
Posted June 11, 2012 from Egypt
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Egyptian women's struggle is still ongoing for the success of Thorthen against sexual harassment through new invitation trend Egyptian women through social networking sites to participate in Blog Action Day against sexual harassment in Egypt next Wednesday approved June 13, 2012.

Through participation of the expression of the harm which they are exposed through Hsapthm on Facebook and Twitter and blogging in their blogs and the transfer of the idea in the street and the house and neighbors, to share painful experiences and learn from experiences inspired in coping with and responding to harassment and assault, it is an invitation to thinking together loudly how to stand up collectively to harassment and abuse ?!

Assert that today is only one step of many steps began taking place in the Egyptian street that the struggle against the harassment of girls is on the ground and on the street as well.

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