In memory of Marwa Sherbini "martyr of the veil," I pray for peace between religions in the world

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Posted July 1, 2012 from Egypt
Marwa Sherbini
Marwa Sherbini
Marwa Sherbini (1/1)

Islam does not call for intolerance between people and terrorism, and should not limit the word terrorism to Muslims only, Intolerance Everywhere in the world and all religious communities and political, it would be wrong to generalize that Muslim terrorists or circular in anything in our life, and calling for terrorism to all Muslims tell them :

  • Who kills women and children in Palestine? Muslims?

  • Of igniting the First World War? Muslims?!

    • Set of World War II? Muslims?!

    • Who killed 20 million human residents of the same indigenous Australia?! Muslims?!

  • Email from nuclear bombs to hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims?!

  • Who has killed more than the 100 million Indians from the Red Indians in North America? Muslims?!

    • Who has killed more than 50 million Indians of Indians in South America? Muslims?!
  • Who has Pastrakkak about 180 million Africans had died as slaves and about 88% of them and been thrown in the Atlantic Ocean? Muslims?!

No, they are not Muslims!!!!

On the third anniversary of the death of Marwa Sherbini, born in the city of Alexandria in 1977, and was playing in the Egyptian national team handball, and won numerous championships and more than ten certificates of appreciation, I joined the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University and graduated in 2000, worked in the pharmacy and then married in 2004, directly after the marriage she traveled with her husband to Germany to study master's and doctoral degrees, and gave birth to her son Mustafa in 2006.

I knew the media as "the veil martyr", was killed on July 1, 2009 by a young German named Alex W., at the age of 28 years in the court in the German city of Dresden, where he stabbed her 18 stab after he described as terrorists because of wearing hijab.

During the presence of Marwa hearing appeal filed by German Alex W. after having fined Court precedent 780 euros for assaulting them and describing them as terrorists and tried to remove her hijab, the adoption of the court fined the young German, who exploded in anger and he stabbed Marwa Sherbini knife 18 stab in her stomach and her chest and her back she died later life, also stabbed her husband, teacher assistant at the Institute of Alawi on genetic engineering at the University of Menoufia several stab wounds, have court in Dresden (south-east Germany) German prison of Russian origin Alex Vines (28 years) over the life of murder Egyptian veiled Sherbini.

In memory of Marwa Sherbini, a memorial was held in the German city of Dresden, but was vandalized by unknown persons after weeks!

Called for a number of activists on the networking site meeting organized human chains on the Corniche of Alexandria, as well as in front of the German Embassy in Cairo, and noted activists to call for the commemoration of Sherbini to emphasize the spirit of tolerance between religions, and that the right and the right of the Egyptians in any place will not be wasted in vain, and on the side The other, called on Germany and the martyr's family lawyer to attend the ceremony tomorrow in Germany to commemorate her death.

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