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Announced the National Telecom Regulatory Authority, that he would take action on blocking YouTube for 30 days, and upon the arrival of a copy of the rule of the administrative court, issued on Saturday, the State Council for blocking the site.

Investment Department issued the Administrative Judicial Court to compel the government, represented by the Ministries of Communications and investment, blocked the website "YouTube" owned by "Google", for a period of 30 days, due to a deliberate film messenger Almsi, despite decisions to stop display.

And on the back of the lawsuit No. 6096 of 66 s filed by lawyer Mohammed Hamid Salim, which asked which blocked YouTube due Showing some sections comic film famous American "innocence Muslims" and known media as "film Almsi of the Prophet" the President of the National Telecom and the Minister of Communications and Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

We have already intervention Foundation freedom of thought and expression in the lawsuit session 12 - 1-2013 after the announcement of all parties in the case, and lawyers requested the institution to dismiss the case, after paying that close "YouTube" is a violation of freedom of expression, and the right to know as well as the policy of blocking and closure is abhorrent hostile policy to the principle of diversity in the content published on the Internet and imposed trusteeship is acceptable on the principle of the public's right to choose what he wants and money wants to navigation.

And is now the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression preparing to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Administrative Court