Pictures from the heart of the events ...Egyptian women demanding the dismissal of Minister of Information and sexual harasser

lobna sedky
Posted April 28, 2013 from Egypt

Photography:Shaimaa mahmoud

Organized hundreds of Egyptian women, women activists of political movement "No," the movement "Egypt Gorgeous," movement "Shaft harassment," a number of Media Egypt vigil in front of the Radio and Television Union, lasted several hours, Sunday afternoon, against what they called «harassment Minister of Information and verbal journalists.

And raise the number of Users and Who's «shoes», considering that «some sort of peaceful protest» and criticized a number of informatics actions of the Minister of Information, and is considered one of them that what he is doing and Information Minister Salah Abdel-Maksoud, indicating that «Personal abnormal not aware of the importance of his position».

Demanding the resignation of Minister of Information and make a formal apology from the Council of Ministers and the Presidency of what was issued by the Minister, also demanded legal accountability of the minister in accordance with Article 306 bis of the Penal Code Egypt.

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