For a while now, women living on the shores of Lake Victoria on the Kenyan side were forbidden from taking part in any activity in the lake.

Normally women are not allowed to, it is forbidden, bad omen, the lake would be unhappy! The only time they are allowed to get near the water is when they were passengers in small boats or getting water for domestic use.

I was therefore every excited when a group of nine strong willed women from Kasua Womens group won a four kilometre boat race beating other male dominated teams. Not only have they shattered them myth that it is bad luck when a woman does some activity on the lake but by emerging winners in a male dominated spot, they have proven what men can do women can do (sometimes better!)

We as women have made strides. This is just an example of how much team work and determination in our quest to be heard and fight for what we believe in can go. Even as we continue speaking out on women issues globally, may we not give up when we face barriers in our quest and may remembers that one day our world will be a good place for all women.

This win was for all women who belive that they cant.....YES YOU CAN!

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Logwell, I loved this post! It is refreshing to hear about something positive after being bombarded with only negative news in the mass media. This story made me smile as I can imagine the look on the other team's faces as the women sailed ahead of them. When I next face a barrier, I am going to remember these women and the joyful way they proved that the lake was not only happy, but it embraced them.

I loved reading your post and what an inspiration and shattering of a myth. I love that idea that believing we can not only compete but win when we work together and would love to congratulate the woman who dared go against convention like this!

Facing and smashing the barriers locally will have a global impact as we share and inspire each other.

Great Post!