I can't stress how important it is for us to WATCH THIS IMPORTANT VIDEO and pass it on so we awaken the world to what MUST be done for our girls, not only in India, but around the world.

This made me cry. But with more of us educating & empowering, we can CHANGE this and celebrate & love girls worldwide. http://mediastorm.com/publication/undesired

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Hi Lola! Thank you for posting this most disturbing video exposing the extreme violence and human rights violation of women, baby girls and female population. We must stop this violence and raise our voices so LOUD that the leaders of all nations take action to enforce laws to protect women and girls around the world. Seeing this graphic video is haunting and my heart broke into pieces for all the girls murdered, tortured and thrown away. Lola, how can one's gender be their crime?

I hope you are well my Canadian sister. I have been loving the whole process as a listener and connecting with the amazing applicants. I hope all is going well with your Room to Read fundraising and the publication of your book.

Miss you and hope we can connect again when I visit BC. Once again, THANK YOU for caring and raising awareness and call for action!

You are AMAZING Lola! With deep gratitude and friendship, linda ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Hi Linda!

It's so nice to hear from you! I've been thinking about you, wondering how you're enjoying the Listener experience :) I, too, have been loving reading/ listening/ connecting with the women here. What great stories and voice...

The FOR MY GIRLS calendar is pretty much ready, I just need to look at the first copy and make sure I don't need to edit anything before announcing it to everyone. The book is being formatted right now and should be ready at the end of Oct/ early Nov.

I am sitting with all this, something stirring inside, about how to take this to the next step, to engage in talks with others, women, men, about ELEVATING the state/status/situation of our girls. I'm sure in time some directions & guidance will come :)

How are you? What's new? I'm looking forward to the next time we meet! That was such a nice afternoon we had, talking, sharing, and connecting. I'm so happy & blessed to have met you. Are you on Facebook Linda?

Sending you lots of love and smiles for a fun day!

Hugs, Lola

Love & blessings,



Hello Beautiful Lola!

So good to be back in touch and sending you a BIG cyber hug. I am so excited to hear your book will be out soon, please keep me posted so I can purchase a few copies for x-mas gifts. Congratulations!!! Another friend in LA will have her long awaited novel, Bitter Melon (Chinese American mother-daughter rltsp) published soon. She is sending me a galley copy to read and help promote.

Love to brainstorm with you about what we can do collectively to raise awareness and move into action changes for the the girls in the world. I will plan a trip to Vancouver, early November and let's meet up to brainstorm. There is an urgency stirring within us to do more!

Work has been insanely busy and complicated with politics and egos. What keeps me going are the students I work with and the struggles they overcome and helping them realize their dreams. I've been promoting WorldPulse to them and considering to start a campus chapter?

I will be going home to S. CA Friday evening to celebrate my father, sister, nieces/nephews birthdays. It is so important for me to make time to visit my mom/dad as they are 80 yrs old and each day with them is valued!

Wish you were in town last Friday as my Japanese taiko friends (Kenny Endo from Hawaii and Kaoru Watanabe from NY) and Senegalese drummers and Indian tabla musician performed on stage for a global rhythm drumming show. I will have to let you know in advance, so you can plan a visit to Seattle.

I will search for you on FB, although, I am not an active user. Let's keep in touch and YES, i love VOF and the engagement.

Much love and friendship! I, too, feel extremely blessed to know you Lola!

xxoo linda

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Hi Linda!

OMG, I love that! YESSS...I would love to brainstorm and come up with something bigger and bolder to do for our next steps in empowering girls. Can't wait for your next visit!

Gifty, one of the VOF correspondents from last year, a Listener this year, started this mentoring group for the girls in her hometown in Ghana http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/groups/28748

She asked me to write a post on empowering girls for it, so I just did.

The drumming show sounds AMAZING...please do let me know in advance next time, I'd LOVE to go!!!!

I'm sorry to hear that work is tied up in its usual politics. At least you know you are directly impacting your students, and that's where our focus should be and expand from. Campus chapter for World Pulse...hmm...great idea! This is making me want to brainstorm....

Enjoy your time with your family and soak up every minute with them!! They'll be so happy to have you there :)

Can't wait to move forward together!

Hugs and love, Lola

Love & blessings,



Hi Lola-lu.....It feels good to support one another and to find ways we can create the change we want to see! Love being in-sync w/passionate, humanistic, creative and simply "human" people. Can't wait to brainstorm w/you.

That is awesome you wrote a piece for Gifty's mentoring group. I will check out and maybe, I can send her info of the mentor program I help coordinate at the UW. Mentoring is so important, especially for our girls!

Thanks for the loving send off to see my family. I adore my mom, she is my "shero". Will be jamming w/my two sisters, cousin on Saturday at an APIA music festival - Jake Shimabukuro (amazing ukulele player, listen online - you tube).

Smiles and hugs, dear one!

:) linda

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando