VOF Week 3 (Unbugged with BLOGS)

Posted April 6, 2009 from Philippines

I have great experiences in writing. I can dramatize events in my life just to feel lightly about the burdens that I've been carrying for so long. some were published others are shared with my students. With the advent of ICT, my horizon has expanded. I wrote about women's life in many different angles --as rural farmers, community development workers, teachers, government employees and plain housekeepers who are victims of domestic violence. Yet I find their stories reaching few audiences. I was glad i was able to connect to the internet. New problems have emerged...How can I reach the real audience read my stories. Blogs have always been mentioned to help in getting oneself heard and understood. I don't know how to make blogs. it is the technology that limits me from reaching to the widest possible audience. but I did not lose hope. I keep on surfing and communicating. Till I found the Pulse wire. Most of us refuse the use modern technology as we fear that some unscrupulous individuals are bugging the information. The challenge is -- continue with the noble intentions. Be heard. One important challenge or barriers to blogging is the cost that maybe encountered when using the blog. it is costly to be in the cafe or in paying the internet connections. These are encountered as individual users. These can be overcome if in communities where there are women organizations can provide these facilities to their colleagues for easy access to the blogs. or it can also offer a program where the women members can collectively make their blogs through the facilitation of organization. In this way, there is education component of the program while liberating the women from the burden of unbloging their stories.

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  • Brigitte Wezel-Janssens
    Apr 09, 2009
    Apr 09, 2009

    Thanks for your post. You are right not to lose hope and continue to look for new ways to make your voice heard. It is true that organisations can play a role in facilitating access to the new technologies. Brigitte

  • Rachelle_W
    Apr 13, 2009
    Apr 13, 2009

    Thanks for this personal post. I like that you also offer a solution to the problem at the end--it would be great if communities could provide access to internet facilities. Classes and seminars on blogging which also be great!

    Best regards,