Introducing myself and my journal: Safe world

Posted March 19, 2009 from Burundi

About Me: I am a born again girl 26 aged and i am graduated in the communicatioin for development of the communication sciences faculty at Lighht University.I am a member of YWCA -BURUNDI and voluntary since 2003 at Biblic Society of Burundi where I am a trainer of christian associations(including youth organisations) in fighing HIV and Aids in the project"where the good samaritan can be found?" and for young people i learn them how to be a responsible of themselves(be responsible,you are precious). Now i am seeking a job by searching experience in ACORD (Agency for Cooperation and Research for Development) especially in areas such as Gender /social exclusion and HIV/AIDS .My responsibility is to work for social justice by choosing the available and adapted communication strategies and tools for activities related.I also prepare articles for the HASAP journal of ACORD and take part at all activities organised by the organisation.I am interested in working with young people about how to have a safer sex ,steps to safer sex and agreeing to have it by signing an agreement.I also work as volunteer to promote social and economic developpement for women.I am an agent for change in gender based violence ,the project of OXFAM NOVIB.

My Passions: help people in need,love each one,creating a peace environment,amusing people,praising God,sport like swimming

My Challenges: All i want is to belong to a group of volunteers (men and women) working together in action agains't all kinds of violence,barriers such as inequalities,negative culture or religious ideas ,... who leads to lack of access to information and knowledge p

My Vision for the Future: to be one of the first women recognised in leading real change by creatind a safe world

My Areas of Expertise: gender and development,human Rights

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  • Brigitte Wezel-Janssens
    Mar 19, 2009
    Mar 19, 2009

    Welcome to World Pulse, your profile is very impressive, and I wish you all luck and strenghts in your action! Brigitte

  • JaniceW
    Mar 19, 2009
    Mar 19, 2009

    You are doing such important work and I know that your dedication is changing lives. We are so happy that you have joined PulseWire and it may not be a group of volunteers but is a formidable community exchanging ideas, concerns, dreams and hopes around the issues concerning women and youth. I encourage you to keep writing in your journal so that others can share your thoughts, browse through others member's journals and offer comments, and join one of our many groups. Our group directory is lcoated at, where you may find a group with similar interests to your own.

    We only have a handful of members from Burundi and so, are interested in hearing more from your beautiful country. I hope you will encourage your friends to join PulseWire so that we may learn more about the issues that women face in Burundi. Below are some of your fellow citizens whom you might like to connect with:

    All the best with your work and I look forward to reading more from you. Janice PulseWire Community Director