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The right to safety in the streets of Mexico

You have a fantastic introduction here. Really really well done. As a "hook," or something that grabs the reader's attention right away, it works really well, especially because the second person form you use ("And there you are too. You, in your pressed navy blue suit and maroon striped tie. A commanding presence just like me.") is really unusual and you use it to great effect. But what did you say back? I want to know more than "So timidly I ask for an explanation," - Can we hear your own voice?

Also, these three paragraphs are all really interesting and deserve expansion:

Stories like this happen every day inside Mexico’s transportation system, where thousands of women and girls suffer visual, physical and psychological sexual harassment on a regular basis. To this society, it’s natural for men to look, talk or touch a woman the way they want, when they want. That morning, I joined at least 70% of women users who report having been molested during the past year, with some incidents leading to rape. - I want to know more, about how and where and when these things all happen.

But in order to be able to propose solutions to this problem we have to first analyze what the true causes are. Generally, sexual harassment in public places is a manifestation of violence derived from another much larger cultural problem that is not always approached from the right perspective: gender inequality. - This is where you start to address the why, but we're left dangling. Why is there gender inequality in the first place? How does it manifest itself?

In recent years, some segregated subway cars and taxis separate men and women as the Mexican government’s answer to the problem, a measure that only quells the symptoms but does little to resolve the disease. - Are there things that would solve the disease? What can be changed? Can you offer any kind of solution?

Just some thoughts to make this really good piece even better. You should feel proud of this piece of writing. Well done!