About Me: My name is Lucía Carolina García López.. I have 27 years old. I´am a biologist and i have been working with community development since i could. Thats my passion and i love to work on that. Makes me feel complete all days. How i knew i wanted to work on this? Since i am a little girl, i have noticed the majority of people in my country does not have the same opportunities that i had. I don´t why but even do, i was a kid, that does not make any sense to me. Then when i grow up, i began to understand the history of my conuntry and why we have this unbalance rights and opportunities. I always knew i wanted to do something for helping people. And I remember my self always saying that to grown up people. It was funny because all of them answer to me, oh when i was little i didn´t know how to be when i grow up either. I didn´t understood what they didn´t get it. but after years, trying to find my own way, they can finally understood my passion. Here i am as a director of a project in a protected area in Guatemala in a community that depends on nature resources. My vision is that they can learn how to protect their beautiful ecosystem, and in that way they can better their ways of life. So my story is still begining. I already have reach some of my goals working with other communities in Guatemala, but the way still have a lot of work to be done. And I more than ready to continue my journey!

My Passions: Conservation, dance, read,

My Challenges: Sustainables program in Guatemala

My Vision for the Future: End poverty in my country

My Areas of Expertise: Conservation, community development, enviromental education, protected areas, social rights

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