Thank you for the opportunity given to me at World pulse so that women around the world can know what is happening to their fellow women in various communities. Education is like given a girl money to buy something from a shop, it is very important for everybody in the community to be educated as I will say among the big 5 five factors of poverty education is the first. I come from a community where many people needs to travel 5 miles a day before attending school and five miles back from school. It is also where the main activity is farming. Many women wish to go to school but are always face with one barrier or the other. In my community, some girls at do attend primary school because of the distance and the narrow road. Some parents do not want their girl children to attend school because they will say when they get married the will become the property of their husbands and all the money that they will be working will be spend in the family of their husbands. Some fathers say it’s a waste of money to educate a girl child so they prefer to marry more women, drink palm wine etc. Some fathers as they go for young girls to marry they also keep their children for other men and its like an exchange “you give me your daughter and I give you mine” In some cases the death of a parent may cause a girl child to drop out of school as family members will prefer the boy to attend school. When some girls manage to complete primary school, they are taken to other towns to work as house helps and baby sitters at times are been raped by older boys in the house or their mistress’ husbands. Generally girls face the problem of sexual harassment, rape, under supply of school needs, peer pressure etc. All these have made young girls to drop out of school, those who did not even had the opportunity to attend school couple to their are ignorant about a lot of things. Some women are timid amongst their folk. Some when they get married and are not well treated the run and move to big towns and end up being prostitutes. Those who get married to very older people after a short time are widows. Some women as young as 13years at times die during child birth. Most often some end up into criminal acts that they might end up in jail. Some do not know basic hygiene how to take care of their selves , homes, babies etc. some do not even have a trade or any thing to sell or make money. We have been talking to parents through workshops about the importance of education for both sexes and campaigning again early marriages giving them the disadvantages. We have organize radio programs, visit social groups and talk to parents at times even talk to the young girls.

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you are doing great work, keep it up. Girls deserve your attention and mentoring - you will make a big difference to you community. Thank you for your writing!

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You did a great job of describing the problems girls face in your community to get education! Thank you for sharing your story! I would love to hear more about the activities you mention at the end of your article, about what you organized to educate parents and girls about the benefits of educating girls.

Dear Lucy, thank you for your article. I agree with you that there are many obstacles in getting a girl into school and keeping her there until graduation. These themes seem to be common in all countries. I think it is more cultural than physical (distance to school), more the attitude of the father. I too am interested in hearing about what you have organized to educate the parents. Perhaps this can be used elsewhere. Keep us posted via World Pulse, please. Blessings.

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it. You do a nice job of outlining and describing the many barriers that girls face in accessing education in your country. It would be interesting to read a personal story about a girl in your country who was able or was not able to overcome the barriers. I especially like the final sentences in your piece where you mention the work you're doing, "We have been talking to parents through workshops about the importance of education for both sexes and campaigning again early marriages giving them the disadvantages. We have organize radio programs, visit social groups and talk to parents at times even talk to the young girls." I look forward to reading more about your work!

Sincerely, Lisa

Hi Lucy, thanks for empowering girls in ur community. I hope to learn a lot from u and to meet u sometime when i come to the North west.

Just Endah

I think you did a good job in describing the various obstacles girls face in receiving an education. I hope you can stay strong and be part of the change. When I was reading your article I felt like I myself would become overwhelmed and discouraged if I was trying to make changes when faced with so many problems. My heart was particularly touched by your mention of the girls who go to town to work as house help and baby sitters and then are faced with rape by men in that household. Knowing that, it can be understandable why parents wouldn't want their daughters to do this kind of work. Like the comments above, I would like to hear more from you about what methods/strategies you are using in educating parents.

Diane Ezeji

Hello Everyone, Its been a while since we share. I wish to thank you for reading my write up and for all you supports. You were interested to know the strategies we used in talking to parents to send their girl child to school. Yes we are doing is simple. For the radio programs, we simple design a campaign through a project, go to one of the local radio stations submit it to them for partnership or sponsorship. They will go through and if they find it interesting they will call us to discuss it. Most often we ask for about an hour to run a program. We may also decide to sponsor a radio program there where during the program there will be questions that we have design that will be asked to the public and any person who gives the correct answer will be given communication credit. Here community people will call and provide different answers to the question and the general people will learn through such programs. Where we run the program by giving educative talks, we at time invite either a young girl, woman, or man to talk to us on specific topics or about problem the face in attending school. at time we bring argumentative discussions so that people will call and share their depends how you want you radio program to be but is you wish to do same let it be interesting and it should be something that the local radio also find it good because you help them and they help you. If you need to design any radio project and thing you need my assistance, you can email me on so that we work together. For social groups,we identify them, invite their president to our office and talk to him or her about our programs and how we intend to work. We also introduce them to our campaign programs, we tell them that we recognize that group and wish that they be train as community counselors. We at time visit these groups to talk to them about educating their girl children or general discuss solutions to some of their problems. Some social groups even invite us to come and talk to them on specific issues. We also bring social groups together for educative exchange and women share their experiences by telling others their stories. We organize programs to teach girls life skills and use the forum to educate on a lot of things. You just need to one of these strategies to do a lot. If you did not understand me and need more explanation just email me and we will talk on specific things. I wish you all good luck in you work .