“VOF Week 1 (The “other” issues? Surely there is hope for rural women)”

Posted March 24, 2009 from Cameroon

“VOF Week 1 (The “other” issues? Surely there is hope for rural women)”

  1. Write a 500 word or less article that describes: • What most excites you about Web 2.0; • What solutions you think Web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement and; • Why and how it is empowering for you

Issues concerning and affecting women are critical in a world of increasing violence. Most cultures, religions, and societies consider women as things ready to adjust themselves for usage as are willed by “their Masters”1 . No control of their sexuality and economic autonomy especially in rural areas. They are reproductive machines and sexual gratifiers. What injustice to voiceless women in a dominantly male governed society. To whom will they work up to complain since even social welfare workers are men pruned to the same behaviours? Sharing experiences world wide of women by women and for women seems among few, the best channel to voice out this cruelness. Where else could we share our experiences on a daily basis apart from such a warm and interactive side like Web 2.0. Some of us are culturally prohibited to speak out the cruelness inflicted on us but web 2.0 embraces us with a warm speak up. What a dynamic conferencing web 2.0 offers. I read about Iran, medical carelessness in Cameroon, peace and marriage poems from potentiated journalists which I would never have known without getting into contact with this dynamic site.

In this respect, I think Web 2.0 brings about two major solutions to the global women’s empowerment movement. Firstly, it provides a poll of real life happenings to women on a daily basis which order wise would be virtually impossible to know even with enormous risk and financial investments in research. Secondly, women’s comments and experiences are educative to other women who order wise would be ignorant about how to go about with certain issues especially in culturally restricted female communications. Global daily interaction with women and girls helps women worldwide to know what others in different parts of the world are going through. Thus offering alternative ways of : speaking up, channels of sending global petitions for their rescue and possibly physical interventions. This is very practical for war and conflict dominated environments where women are violated sexually and can’t speak up. An example is the sexually violated women in Congo

I find web 2.0 empowering because it is educative and enables the production of the “other knowledge” by the “other people” for themselves and the world at large. It empowers me by causing me to think creatively and speak out on issues affecting not only women in my community but in other communities.

1.We use their masters here to refer to men who are very conservative, brutal and cruel to their wives or women as a social category. They never see why a woman or girl should speak up, complain or reject their views

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  • Carly
    Mar 28, 2009
    Mar 28, 2009


    I had the privilege to read your first Voices of the Future essay. Your writing was very well organised, you presented clear arguments, and I appreciated that you referred to real examples (women in the Cogno, Iran, etc.).

    I also liked that you used a footnote to give further clarification on your use of the word 'Masters'. I would also encourage you to do this to reference other sources or supporting information. I know that in these essay you only have a limited space to write, but I would have liked to see you dive deeper into one of the examples you mentioned, medical carelessness in Cameroon for example, and relate this to Web 2.0.

    Overall, good work! I look forward to reading more!

    with kindness, carly diaz

  • LUMA
    Mar 28, 2009
    Mar 28, 2009

    Dearest Carly, Thank you very much for your comments.Indeed I hope to build on them in my feauture essays. Thanks one more.I wish you a happy and calm week.

  • Rachelle_W
    Mar 29, 2009
    Mar 29, 2009

    I loved reading this first essay from you. I would love to hear more about how you use Web 2.0...facebook, myspace, blogs, etc.... Keep using Web 2.0 to speak up! :)