“VOF Week3 (Speaking up rightly and timely but ethically)”

Posted April 7, 2009 from Cameroon

Blogging! What an incredible medium of communication. I say how we are perceived and treated, whom I think we are and can be by, simply telling my own story or those of other women and girls in my community. Blogging, I interact with community members and the world at large from my cyber café, Blogging, I challenge the daily passivity of women inclusion by women as initiators.

Yes, I need to say these things “they” hate to hear and fear to say. I must say, shout and screen but in the most gentle and tender tone. How do I tell these stories rightly, timely but ethically without changing their content and authority? How do I speak up while protecting my identity in a female unfriendly community? How do I produce a documentary to upload in my blog? How do I keep these long and unending stories clear, short and concise? How do I create links and format texts in a particular style in my blog? How do I respond to comments in the very softest tone? These are a few of my challenges with blogging. How do I access the web when and how I want remains a barrier to me in blogging but since I must speak up the “non manifest” content of communication (Berelson, 1952) which national media either, don’t care about or, keep silent and latent because " when your wife starts making noice, her cure is either found in solid and disgraceful slaps or, just throwing her out and look for another one". In this respect, I have indulged into a few initiatives that so far seem effective to me.

Firstly, to communicate through my experience or idea, I often write it well ahead of time and revisit it after some days. I now revisit it as a reader, looking for what interests I find in the text, what can be criticized in the text, the style of the text and, an auto critic of “ Am I getting what I intended to communicate in this story? Am I so rude? Also, I have most of my experiences or those of other women written down in my jotter immediately after surviving the incidence. This makes it possible for me to always have what to say when I need to update a blog. How ever, I am not an expert blogger so, my attempts and confidence swings between 7o and 80%.To overcome the cost of internet, I type my blog posts home and only do uploading, and responses to comments online.

In the future, I intend to do every thing possible to get internet connection home so as to speak up at all times.


Berelson,B.(1952), Content Analysis in Communication Research. Glencoe, Ill: Free Press.

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  • daryn stier
    Apr 10, 2009
    Apr 10, 2009

    LUMA- Your passion roars across the screen. I liked your questions and the pacing of your essay. I also especially liked the ending sentence.I'd like to ask you: Who is Berelson and what is the connection of his writings to you?

    Best- Daryn

  • LUMA
    Apr 10, 2009
    Apr 10, 2009

    Dear Daryn, Accept my warm greetings. Thank you very much for the comments and question. Concerning your question about Berelson, He is the Author of the book Content Analysis on Communication research.I have not read much about him but, I got interested in this book of his when I learnt from it that, in communication, most often media, not all is said.There is the "non manifest" content of communication. However, this non manifest content often contains critical social realities that media might not report either due to interest or political reasons. Before reading this, I used to ask myself why media never reported certain critical issues. From this, I understood that it is not all that the national media says. Of course, ethically not all should be said but, critical human rights issues are often neglected for selfish purposes while the victims remain in dying pain.This is connected to me because the non manifest content of communication which is left out is often that of the weaker party,who are most often women and children. I feel these victimes who are denied the voice to speak, never represented by national media need space to aleast let other people share with them in their pain. Once more thank you for the question aanad comments.I wish I have responded to the question. I wish you a nice week end With Warm regards from Luma