Around 7:30 PM, Philippine Time, October 3, 2015. I crossed a highway to catch a public transport we fondly call "jeepney". I was  on my way to our ancestral house at Ungka Im Pavia, Iloilo.

It was relatively late hence, there were few vehicles. Seeing that the highway was clear, I was sure that I was safe but  I was wrong. Something threw me off the sidewalk to the concrete road. "What happened?", I asked my self silently. At first I was dizzy and world was spinning as I closed my eyes. Then I heard voices. When I opened my eyes, I saw a crowd of curious people looking down at me. A well-meaning fellow tried to prop me up.  "Please do not move me:, I told him. I knew I had serious injuries because my left arm and leg were numb, the left side of my head and nape were hurting, and my right foot and elbow were wounded.

Then came the police who were in the vicinity. They knew First Aid and so two of them held my neck. My handbag was pinned down my torso rendering my head to dangle. God bless those Good Samaritans.

While waiting for the ambulance, I patiently answered the questions of the police as many times as they asked. They informed me that I was hit by a speeding motorcycle driven by a person (I shall withhold his name) who was under the influence of alcohol.  I requested for this fellow and the police obliged. I asked his name, where he came from, where he worked, his age, and what happened. This fellow answered all my questions and he apologized for his action.

As soon as the ambulance came after 15 minutes, both me and the fellow were rushed to the nearest hospital. On the way, I could not help to scream as loud as the siren of the ambulance. Then I was certain that my leg was broken.

In the hospital, the fellow repeatly asked for my forgiveness. He told me his tumultous and sad life story, which was corruborated by his brother-in-law who came to his rescue. I told this guy that if he commits to straighten up his life and STOP DRINKING (a no-no among Baptists as he was because he told me so), then I would gladly forgive him. He gave me his word. And so I did not send him to jail despite the text messages of my brother who is a judge. My brother advised me to have him locked up and sue. But what ccan I get from a man who is jobless, penniless but has an 11-month old baby? I would merely add to his misery and may even commit suicide.

While I have forgiven this fellow, I condemn his act of drinking and driving. Sad to note that there are many people who commit this grave sin. It is not merely a violation of the law but a crime against the right of others to live. What if I perished as a result of the incident? At present, my16-year old son does not have a father (practically) and had I died, he would lose a mother. That would not be fair to my son. 

Therefore I appeal to all concerned: DO NOT DRINK AND THEN DRIVE.The life that you will save may be your own.

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Praise you for being a responsible driver, Michele. You are doing yourself a big favor. Continue to be a good example to  others.  

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

Dear Lydia,

You are such a strong and compassionate woman to reach out to this man and offer him your forgiveness. I hope this man does turn his life around and feels the full weight of the destruction and threat to human life he had caused by his poor judgment. 

Thank goodness for those Good Samaratins coming to your aid. Wishing you a speedy recovery and keeping you in my thoughts.



A repentant sinner deserves a second change or even a third. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ died for my sins too. If God can forgive, so should I.

Yesterday, the fellow (I will fondly call REPENTANT) called me up to see how I was recovering. He told me he went back to the hospital where I was confined but he came too late. I was already discharged.

Repentant's calls are indcations that he is keeping his word.   I recalled telling him that ll would endure the pain and incoveniences for as long as he does his part  Someday, if I see him as a responsible family man who is active in his Church, then that would be bliss!

Thnaks  for the encouragement, Emily!

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830