Of late, I've been reading about so many issues that have affected me...women and children's rights being violated, famine, violence, flood victims in several countries, even the juvenile crimes going on in major streets that I could not imagine my own children who are much older would even think of doing.. All of these issues have somehow touched a chord. I keep being thankful at how blessed I am that my children have never experienced poverty, violence or even wading in muddied flood waters. For weeks I couldn't find the right words to express what I felt.

A few days ago I read Nicholas Kristoff's tweet on New Zealand being the first country to allow women to vote and I thought, "Women always seem to have to fight and struggle to be given what they rightly deserve in society." There are so many things limiting women because of religion or culture that have to be changed by society. I can understand that these things may take years to evolve but it always has to start somewhere to make people aware that the rest of the world may consider some of society's beliefs and practices violative of human rights.

I can recall how much I reacted reading news some time back about a judge confirming that it is lawful for a husband to slap his wife for buying an expensive abaya from the money he gave her to buy one. My blog had all the !!! and ??? questioning how there can even be such a law...but sadly there is. Or women arrested for driving...that again elicited a lot of !!! and ??? from me especially since I've been driving a car since I was 18. Or of a mass prayer held to celebrate Women's Day but only the country's female leader was allowed to enter the place of worship because women were not allowed inside to join the celebration. I personally would have reacted if I were the female leader...

If these things are deprived of women in some societies even today, I can see how much struggle women have to go through to fight for our rights to be equal as men in society. It is good to know though, that women's organizations have been getting support from various sectors in society to be recognized for their true value and contribution to the human race.

In the Philippines, history points to women forming a Suffragist group as early as 1897 to be able to particiapte as voters and in other organizations that were male-dominated. In 1937 a law was passed allowing only 300,000 women to vote but it was only in 1943 that full suffrage to women was given. Now the right to vote is almost universal and it was not just the women's struggle but that of societies who were open to change for the better, and to recognize the true value of women...

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There are lots of experiences women undergo that are quite absurd. Just when one thinks that one has heard it all, many more of such out of this world stories come to bare. To imagine that there is a law that encourages violence against women? Very strange, I am taken aback. I believe the more such stories get heard, the more decision makers would realize the enormity of the damage brought about by gender prejudice. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Olanike,

Thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree with you more about such absurdity. To even justify such things by law is beyond me. But they're realities women have to face and put up a fight with or they'll forever be there for society to tolerate. It takes will and perseverance to get things done and set things right...



Women have the strength of surviving and enduring. Atleast we struggle and fight, relentlessly transfering the baton of courage and dreams of what could be to other generations. I am thankful for that. I enjoyed reading your piece and it encouraged me to continue to fight and believe in a world of gender equality. Women have come a long way, although there is still much room for improvement, there are countless voices rising up to the call and challenge.


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Hi SAsong. Yes, women have the strength of surviving and enduring. Achieving gender equality is achievable. We're already getting there with more representations in government and critical positions in society being occupied by women. Our voices are being heard and our presence simply cannot be ignored. :)

Thanks for your comment .

Best regards.